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GOREZONE - Brutalities of Modern Domination
Título: Brutalities of Modern Domination
CAT. #: XM 070 CD
Formato: CD [44:19]
Estilo: Brutal Death Metal
Edición: 10.2009
01. Knee-deep in Body Bags
02. Control Us
03. Consuming the Weak
04. Driven by Cells of Bigotry
05. The Waterboarding Complex
06. Mass Murder by One Form
07. The Privilege to Breathe
08. Archetype
09. Brutalities of Modern Domination
10. 42,7
11. Period of Consequences
3er álbum de éstos maestros del más ultr-jodidamente intenso, técnico, pesado, hyper-blasting e inhumano Brutal Death. Fusiona los mejores elementos de DISGORGE (usa), CRYPTOPSY, DEVOURMENT, DESPISED ICON, DEEDS OF FLESH... y obtendrás el más impresionante álbum de brutal Death del 2009!!
Cosmos Gaming Webzine (usa) 02.07.2010
When you first hear Gorezone’s third full length album Brutalities of Modern Domination for the first time, chances are that you might assume that they are an American death metal band. But as it turns out, these guys are from Germany and have been around for over a decade. The best way to describe their sound is as a combination of American death metal, brutal death metal and some grindcore. And while the group doesn’t quite have the standout riffs needed to make them distinguishable from the rest of the genre, this album is stronger than some might be expecting and is still worth a listen.

One of the main reasons that Gorezone is a bit better than you might expect is due to how they combine all three of the aforementioned genres. These guys certainly try to inject a lot of variety into their material as one minute they might sound a little like older Florida death metal and the next minute they’ve transitioned into extremely fast paced death/grind. I certainly have to give credit to drummer Asgard Niels as the guy is an absolute machine and is able to pound away at lightning speeds without missing a beat. However, while the amount of variety that these guys are able to offer is impressive their riffs still tend to blend together (“The Waterboarding Complex” is an exception though as the riffs on that song are monstrous) a little too frequently and this does hurt a little bit.

The vocals on Brutalities of Modern Domination are a perfect fit for Gorezone’s heavy and fast paced material. Singer Karsten Schoning has the standard low pitched growl that occasionally turns into gurgles and despite the fact that this is typical for the genre it is still quite enjoyable to listen to. Due to the fact that the vocals actually move between some low and high pitches and don’t just stick with the gurgles for the entire album the material doesn’t seem quite as repetitive, and this does make the group slightly more memorable.

I like Gorezone but I don’t love them, and while that may not sound like a proper endorsement I do find these guys to be quite a bit better than your average brutal death metal act. The amount of variety is noteworthy, but the instrumentalists could still concentrate on writing riffs that really grab the listener and convinces them that they need to come back to this material again and again. If the band can do that, then they will definitely rise up the ranks but as of right now they are a decent act that some people may find themselves enjoying.
Chris Dahlberg
Dark Music Site (spa) 01.07.2010
Los alemanes Gorezone acaban de crear todo un nuevo referente en el campo del brutal death técnico, "Brutalities of Modern Domination", que verdaderamente no tiene nada que envidiarle a sus famosos colegas americanos del género. Muy en la onda de bandas com Origin, Spawn of Posession o incluso Dying Fetus, "Brutalities Of Modern Domination" es una obra milimetrada, ultratécnica y con un double bass prácticamente incesante y sin piedad. Desde la primera nota en "Knee-Deep in Body Bags" meten tralla de la más brutal, con múltiples riffs y otros tantos cambios por minuto, y todo eso a una velocidad de vértigo. Los temas sin embargo están bien estructurados, con lo cual no se tiene la sensación de ser objeto de un experimento del tipo "....a ver cuanto aguantan los oyentes antes de perder el hilo", todo lo contrario, tienen algo así como groove y a menudo ritmos pegadizos, que se graban en la memoria. En ocasiones las melodías recuerdan más al death tradicional americano (léase Morbid Angel) que al brutal, lo que a veces causa efectos deja-vú, como por ejemplo en "The Waterboading Complex", pero por otra parte estas influencias contribuyen a crear una mezcla sonora equilibrada y hasta armoniosa, una de las mayores virtudes del disco y lo que hace que sobresalga entre la multitud de publicaciones techno death que hay hoy en día. Las habilidades instrumentales de Gorezone impresionan a cualquiera y con eso se ganarán rápidamente la simpatía de los más frikis de la música ultratécnica, y a la vez el espíritu del old school death americano le da un toque "vivo", oscuro y visceral. Impresionante, muy recomendado.
Brutalism.com (hol) 09.04.2010
Gorezone was founded in the north-german city of Oldenburg in the mid-nineties. In September 2001 the band recorded their first full – length CD called “Erase the Scum”. In late 2003 Gorezone recorded a very successful four - track promo - CD which gave them the opportunity to sign a deal with CF - Records. The "Grind 'em all Tour" in Spring 2004 was also a big positive step for the band. A new full – length called "Hate, Peace and Understanding" followed in October 2004. During the next three years Gorezone played several festivals (like the Fuck The Commerce, Tunes Of Death and The Soul Grinding) and about 50 shows to promote their brutal way of Metal.

In July 2007 the band recorded a second promotional CD with four killer tracks, which gave the band the possibility to sign at XTREEM MUSIC. In late 2008 and early 2009, after seven months of intensive work, in three various studios and with two new men on the vocals the band can proudly announce that the new album "Brutalities Of Modern Domination" is finally recorded. This concept album offers a framework in which all the songs, lyrics and the layout match.

The band from Germany plays fast, brutal and fine Death Metal with dominating Grind influences. "Brutalities Of Modern Domination" is the band's 3rd album. Their latest output offers a 11 track massacre of finest 'Xtreem music'...
All songs are really neckbraking, and a big punch into the face. Really fucking tight drumming – fast blast beats with good sounding cymbals. The boys do a perfect jobs on their instruments. Songwriting is very intersting and shows that the band exactly knows what they want. From blast beats, to groovy death metal over slow moments with demanding guitar parts into sick and brutal Grind again.

All in all the sound is perfect, the drums are dominating, but do not drown the guitars, the extreme sick vocals from piggy-grunts to painful screams and powerful death growls round off the perfect damn good sound. This album is for all fans of brutal and sophisticated Death – Grind.

Horns up!
Paul [5/5]
Raw & Wild Webzine (ita) 01.12.2009
Il terzo album della band tedesca Gorezone è brutal death metal in tutte le sue forme. Lo stile musicale è fondamentalmente americano:ritmi blasting, vocalità profonde e gutturali, riff pesantissimi. Dopo sette mesi di lavoro intenso con tre tipi di studio di registrazione e con due nuove persone che cantano, la band annuncia che il nuovo album 'Brutalities of modern domination' è pronto per uscire in pubblicazione. Questo cd è strutturato in una copertina, canzoni e testi che riportano critiche politiche e sociali:i concetti fondamentali di questo album sono l'uso del potere per sopprimere le persone, la sofferenza delle persone con l'avvento della globalizzazione e i meccanismi che si nascondono dietro a quest'ultima. 'Brutalities of modern domination' contiene undici canzoni e la copertina della canzone è stata creata dall'artista italiano Marco Hasmann, che ha fatto un lavoro eccellente perchè è lo sfondo perfetto dei concetti di questo album. Un album imperdibile per gli amanti del metal puramente brutal. L'unico piccolo difetto di questo album è il minimo rischio di varcare la soglia del rumore, un difetto che può diventare un grosso problema se sarà trascurato nei futuri album. Ma, generalmente, questo album è un capolavoro del metal più estremo.
Lara Calistri [8/10]
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