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WASTEFORM - Ignorance Through Sovereignty
Título: Ignorance Through Sovereignty
CAT. #: XM 012 CD
Formato: CD [36:04]
Estilo: Brutal Death Metal
Edición: 01.2004
01. Prelude To Apocalypse
02. Ignorance Through Sovereignty
03. Of Blind Consequence
04. Built For The Kill
05. Faith Is Dead
06. Cycles Of Tyranny
07. Victims Bleeding
08. In The Shadows Of Resurgence
09. The Wraith
10. Indulge Divergent Senses
El segundo álbum de la más destacable banda de New York durante los últimos años, ya ha salido y está lista para devastar tus oídos con su castigadora combinación de implacable brutal Death con ligeros toques de Metalcore e incluso pasajes técnicos.

WASTEFORM están destinados a ser la próxima gran banda proveniente de la costa Este de USA, perteneciendo a la misma vertiente de bandas tales como SUFFOCATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING, SKINLESS, PYREXIA e incluso DYING FETUS, éstos cuatro maníacos trabajadores son capaces de mostrar que todavía hay espacio para nuevas e interesantes ideas en éste terreno donde todo parece estar ya inventado. Sólo escucha éste álbum y descubre lo que tiene que ofrecer!!

Aplastantes riffs de guitarra, una corrosiva y brutal voz, batería técnica aunque directa y geniales estructuras de las canciones!! WASTEFORM dominarán!!
Rottrevore Webzine (mly) 01.04.2004
I remember when these guys have a split release with NY's shredding terror Traumaside, the fans starterd to give them a highly recomendations to people who dig into Dying Fetus and Internal Bleeding, then they have first debut full lenght called 'Crushing The Reviled' which actually very rare and hard to find from usual distro beside lack of promotions from their previous label. Now...Xtreem Music give an opportunity to presented most of NY's relentless death/grind to around the globe, this full lenght contents of violence guitar riffs standing between both apocalyptical and catchy groove parts...the grunts vox bring this band more brutal, technical and crushing drumworks package in one disk call 'Ignorance Through Sovereignty'. For 36:04 you'll discover something more than extremity, anger and repulsive materials. Personally I give a double underline for fans of Dying Fetus if I compare the groove parts...if you born and build for the kill and believe your faith is dead, make sure you have this cd first before you start ending someone else life!!!
Jasad [666/10]
Malestrom Webzine (usa) 25.03.2004
Wasteform’s interpretation of the death metal style is throttling and encrusted with the kind of gunk that grows between the grout in your shower when left unchecked for a year or two. The absolute star of Ignorance Through Sovereignty is vocalist Greg Kennedy, whose fuzzed out, fucked up, phlegm and beer and bile tainted delivery really heightens the experience of Wasteform being the musical equivalent of the plumber sending his roto-rooter through a clogged pipe.

Backing Kennedy’s unusual sound is a band that makes you love wallowing in the filth that it creates. You can spot the influences pretty easily at times, but there’s something atypical and intriguing in the way Wasteform changes moods throughout the album. And there’s always appreciation around Maelstrom HQ for a weird, creepy ambient outro that would be relaxed if not for the retarded cackling. Check this one out.
Roberto Martinelli [7.7/10]
Live4Metal.com (usa) 20.03.2004
Whooa, I'm surprised Unique Leader didn't snap up this lot. 'Specially seeing as a) they're from the USA's East coast (New York, to be precise. Renowned more for its rampant HC scene than any flicker of a DM one it may be - but we’ll return to that later); b) their death metal is of the claustrophobic, medium-technical ilk and c) yep: they know what they're doing. Mind you, Spanish label Xtreem seem to be augmenting their arsenal of late with a cache of classy - until now, mainly European - DM bands. P'rhaps, they just got their mitts on Wasteform first…draw your own conclusions. So is this quartet any different from the many (make that maaaaany) 'Brutal US Death Metal' outfits currently spewing out albums
left, right and centre? Well, they do have the odd distinguishing factor tucked up their Suffocation long-sleeves. That being, primarily, a hardcore/ metalcore tinge to their onslaught. The vocals in particular wield an acerbic edge more commonly found in MC, while the rifffwork - as technical as you'd expect from a BUSDM outfit - also frequently bears the linear, hard-hitting immediacy of MC/ HC. Hmm, why could this be? Couldn't POSSIBLY result from the fact that founding members Greg Kennedy (vocals) and axe-man Grant Matot served lengthy times in Hardcore outfits, could it…?! Then there's the bass-work. Ploughing through The Test Of True Bass with vivid, vomit-like colours (i.e. able to curdle the contents of yer stomach when aired at reasonable volume or above) - it's far more prominent than is usual for DM. And just in case you thought they were all angst n' aggression, the obligatory acoustic instrumental proves otherwise ('In The Shadows of Resurgence'). Wasteform: yeah! Waste of time? Not at all.
Raw Nerve Promotions (uk) 15.03.2004
I could happily sit and review Xtreem Music's releases all day, such is the high quality of the mostly death metal style put out to the world by this Spanish label.
"Prelude to Apocalypse" is a fantastic blasting and highly potent riff filled intro, before the early Vader reminding battery of "Ignorance through Sovereignty". The production shows itself off well with a pretty large sound all round, and the bellowing vocals certainly pound at the head.
"Of blind consequence..." has some great thrashy riffs, although a bit messy in parts, but "Built for the kill"'s viciousness makes up for it, "Faith is dead" has a fantastic intro and some huge riffing later on, probably my favourite on the album. The tension of the incredible closer "Indulge Divergent senses" is beyond deep, some amazing soundscapes in this one.
As for reference points, it is not too easy to pin down in all honesty. I hear a bit of Malevolent Creation, Iniquity, Morbid Angel (especially in the incredible chugs of "Victims bleeding") but Wasteform don't really sound directly like anyone, I think partly due to production and the unique gutterals, but generally the songs are constructed in their own style. Of course, a good thing.
I like Wasteform a huge amount.
Paul Raw Nerve
Metal Crypt Webzine (usa) 01.03.2004
Looking for some New York-style Death Metal without much surprises but still well-executed? Look no further. This quintet first started as a metalcore outfit and there's still a bit of that influence popping its ugly head here and there, but overall things here are based on "classic" NY death metal. Very guttural vocals (sometimes maybe a bit too much - dude, I don't want to see what you ate for breakfast come out of your mouth :)), lots of time changes, fast and heavy but sometimes slowing down to a heavy crawl... All the ingredients are here. Throw in a few surprisingly catchy hooks and a few church bells to diminish the risk of the album getting too monotonous - the kind of little interludes that make you snap to attention if you weren't attentive. I noticed that sometimes the sound gets a bit blurry, almost like the speakers are screwed up (they're not, so it's the album. ;)) This is not an album that can be trashed, but nor can it be praised: Some good ideas, but they don't go far enough to set themselves apart from other Death Metal bands with similar influences. Still, this is a very good DM album if you like it brutal NY-style and just can't get enough of that stuff.
Michel Renaud [3.25/5]
Atmospheriz Webzine (pol) 13.02.2004
„Ignorance Through Sovereignty” WASTEFORM to kolejna płyta z hiszpańskiej Xtreem Music. I kolejna ekstrema, ale... Ja to już gdzieś słyszałem. Choć płyty tej wcześniej nigdzie nie słuchałem czuję się jakbym znał ją na wylot. Z tym, że nie kojarzy mi się ona z niczym konkretnym - po prostu to wszystko już było. WASTEFORM jedzie na sprawdzonych patentach umiejętnie je ze sobą łącząc w zgrabną całość amerykańskiego death metalu. I w sumie tyle wystarczyło by o tej muzyce powiedzieć. Na pewno spodoba się ona fanom muzyki w stylu SUFFOCATION i w ogóle fanom rasowego i bezkompromisowego death metalu, jednak ja zawsze szukam w muzyce tego czegoś co mnie w niej zafrapuje. Tutaj widzę jedynie dobrze sklecony soczysty i brutalny death metal. Polecam maniakom.
Paweł [5/6]
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