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PUTREVORE - Morphed from Deadbreath
Título: Morphed from Deadbreath
CAT. #: XM 054 CD
Formato: CD [32:29]
Estilo: Old School Putrid Death Metal
Edición: 09.2008
1. Aeon Leviathan
2. Torn From The Abzu
3. The Skies Vomit Sulphur
4. As They Return
5. Obscene Devourment
6. Dark Surgery Of The Ancients
7. From Depths Monstrous
8. Pale Bare Skull
1er álbum de ésta banda formada por Dave Rotten (AVULSED) y Rogga (PAGANIZER). Un Death metal de la vieja escuela realmente pesado, oscuro y pútrido en la línea de bandas como INCANTATION, ROTTREVORE, FUNEBRE, DETERIOROT, primeros GRAVE, FUNEBRARUM, DEAD CONGREGATION...
Extreminal Webzine (tur) 30.11.2009
No matter how new the band looks, the Spanish death metal band Putrevore is a project started by Dave Rotten (Avulsed, Christ Denied) ve Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader) who are the long-standing criminals of death metal and it is the first product of this band. In this album, Dave and Rogga, who set forth with Old School Death Metal, have produced something good for those old fans.

The guitar tones are dirtier, the guitar riffes and drum rhythms are like in the old style death metal bands as if the recording belongs to a band dating from 15 years ago. For the vocals, I do not think it is neccessary to explain the brutal vocals of Avulsed who has a lot of fans in world. Amongst the band I listen to, I can give Incantation similar to this gorup. It is an album which can appeal to those who are faitful to oldschool death metal.
Goremented [8/10]
Diabolical Conquest Webzine (indi) 03.02.2009
Death Metal stalwarts Dave Rotten (Avulsed, Christ Denied) and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader) have come together under the name of Putrevore to breathe new life into the scene. Together with a session drummer, they have resurrected the invincible army of the dead. Smashing their tombstones to bits, up rose hundreds of decayed corpses, their faces mangled beyond recognition, their entrails dangling lifelessly, their bodies riddled with stab wounds. Under the dark cover of night, these legendary warriors march forward, fearless and unstoppable. Morphed from Deadbreath is their soundtrack.

Diabolical Conquest era Incantation riffs that have their damned soul sucked out of them are employed. So instead of their inherent twisted evil you now have putrid, festering corpse-like tunes to churn the contents of your stomach. Some of it may even leak out, because roughened by Rottrevore or old Grave influences, they are bound to abrade your insides. Deceptively drowsy, they march perfectly albeit lethargically to the powerful beats emanating from the war drums probably with the application of large human bones. Not necessarily when they are charging, there are moments in every song (usually irresistibly catchy), where their marching reaches a crescendo and that is when you should feel the piss trickling down the inside of your thighs as you sit shivering and embarrassed, too afraid to move.

The course of the music is strictly followed, as if the riffs are made to wear blinders. Leads are absent which doesn't raise the question of them being enticed into straying. For all their stomping, plodding and rumbling and varying of the pace, the music gets a bit repetitive towards the end. Their one-directional marching even in spite of their sly nods toward the Swedish/Finnish death metal bands begins to sound tiresome. But the overall rotten, deathly feel of the music is addictive. More than the production, which is raw, heavy and dense but not as dark as releases of some Incantation-influenced bands, Dave Rotten's vocals play a major role in that. As some of you already know, they are not conventionally forceful and sound as though more than half of the orally exhaled foul air of his indubitably cancerous lungs is leaking out from the back, sides, bottom of his neck and many other places. They are reminiscent of Daniel Corchado's on Diabolical Conquest. Mr.Rotten laces the riffs with his sticky, blood-mixed-with-phlegm exhalations that will make you shudder all over again.

To summarise, Morphed from Deadbreath really is like listening to a parade of corpses marching pridefully onwards, but to where I don't know. Golgotha? Nah, they have already been there. I guess we will have to wait for their next album to find out. In the meantime, gasp you mortal beings in awe and horror, and grovel listening to their gloriously rotten tunes and pounding beats.
Kunal N. Choks [7.6/10]
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