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ANAL NOSOROG - Condom of Hate
Título: Condom of Hate
CAT. #: XM 052 CD
Formato: CD [49:36]
Estilo: Gore/ Grind
Edición: 05.2008
01. Intro
02. Condom Of Hate
03. Experiment With Excrement
04. Krov Ne Voda
05. Carpathian Swine-Herb Who Found An Effective Remedy Against Alopecia
06. Mandavoshka
07. Legalize Shit
08. Antichrist Superstar
09. Backdoor To The God
10. Gothic Girl Cannibal
11. Moohomore Gore
12. Nuclear Winter In Nicaragua
13. Fuck The Usa (Exploited Cover)
14. Rectal Spit Into The Soul
15. Are You Ready
16. Feeding A Child With A Knife
17. Vegetable Massacre
18. Two Person Coffin
19. Turbobulldozer
20. The First Victim Of Lipasaction
21. Fuck yeah (live in St. Petersburg with seth Putnam)
22. Carpathian Swine-Herb Who Found An Effective Remedy Against Alopecia (live in Finland)
23. Are You Ready (live in Finland)
24. Experiment With Excrement (old version)
25. Nuclear Winter In Nicaragua (DJ 665 mix)
1er álbum con 20 temas (+5 bonus) de éste bulldozer ruso de pegadizo Gore/Grind/Death/Thrash. Un álbum totalmente adictivo que creará una nueva tendencia!! Para amantes de BLOOD DUSTER, C.B.T., AHUMADO GRANUJO, BRUJERIA, PUNGENT STENCH...
Mtuk Metal 'Zine (uk) 12.09.2008
In case you had not guessed, this is not going to be the most serious band reviewed on these pages. Anal Nosorog from Moscow are a self-described ‘bulldozer fuckin grind core scum’ band. This album of fist punching latex abuse has no less than 25 numbers on it, most studio, some live and all mad. Favourite track title award goes to ‘Gothic Girl Who Made A Soup Of Father’s Head’ However I was surprised that this was not as full on as I expected in a sort of Rompeprop meets Anal Cunt sort of way although there are slight elements of both bands to be found here it is not really what we get at all. The songs are a pretty mixed bag and there is a fair bit of variation on the album.

There are lots of pig grunts and roadrunner sounding beep beep vocals to be found, which are pretty damn amusing as well as lyrically meaningless. The title track indeed has these bounding along with a broken English sounding volley of the track title and slewed guitars with a pinch of Pungent Stench about them. Scatty sounds of drum and bass find their way into the toilet humour of ‘Experiment With Excrement’. The fantastically entitled ‘Carpathian Swine-Herb Who Found An Effective Remedy Against Alopecia’ is a real stand out number partly for the great pig grunt that had a friends dog waking from peaceful slumber in a state of high anxiety and also for the melody. This, as I keep thinking on the album is highly reminiscent of the Supermatch Game theme from crap Brit quiz show Blankety Blank, I can imagine this having been a huge hit in Russia so I guess anything is possible.

With so many tracks in 45 minutes it is obvious that some of them come at you in a fart-and-you-might-miss-them fashion but still things seem to have been thought out and despite their brevity are well constructed. Some songs have burst of Russian vocals others have some turntable abuse with some scratching thrown into the pot, samples are surprisingly pretty much non existent. If you lose track of where you are on the album a good marking point around half way is a cover of The Exploited classic ‘Fuck The USA’ which I have to admit is pretty awful. Still they make up with this with the great ‘Are You Ready’ which comes across as an ACDC or cock rock pisstake and really cracks me up.

I think it is fair to say this lot are pretty damn obscure; they are one of the only bands signed to a label I have looked for on Metal Archives and not found an entry for. One of the live tracks here features Seth Putnam so I guess that was a bit of a career highlight for them. So if you are looking for something that is played efficiently and plain daft this could well be for you, just don’t slip into this condom expecting musical genius.
Pete Woods
Diabolical Conquest Webzine (indi) 10.08.2008
Anal Nosorog are yet another Anal Something band to hit the scene and like most of them they too happen to sound rather good. There are no surprises for you this time, for like their name suggests, Anal Nosorog play groovy porno/goregrind or as they prefer to say “Bulldozer Fuckin' Grind Core Scum band.” Right, and it is with utmost relief that I note that this Russian grind band doesn't sound like a cheap imitation of CBT like many others from that region.
So what do they sound like then? Well, as a matter of fact, Anal Nosorog have developed a peculiar sound for themselves. First their music has a dapper nu-grind feel to it, which mind you is pardonable in this sub-genre provided it is sufficiently smeared with gore or has enough grindiness to it, similar to Pigsty on the 'Quadamage' section of their Pigs are Back album and the latter works of the grinding South Africore band Groinchurn. Then it is lavishly treated with groove emollients in the form of Blood Duster or Pungent Stench and a bit of Dead and CBT. And later, as one would style their hair after applying palm-loads of gel, it is spiked up with some spunkiness in the manner of Cuntgrinder. Finally, the band carries off this music quite well having an air of stylishly casual attitude about it, so anyone with even the littlest sense of fashion and gore should fall for this Anal band immediately.
What about their songs? Gorgeous. Just when you think that is all their music has to offer, there is something more, something unexpected, something fun. Like female drivers, they give a right signal only to go left and drive us crazy; at their live shows it would leave us stage diving at the wrong section of the crowd at the wrong time. It is amazing how they are able to do so much each time within their short songs - constantly fluctuating the tempo, unleashing paralysing grooves both catchy and drunken, infusing rappy brutal parts, shouting gaily in unison, adopting body-loosening goofcore parts, having inter-genre flirtations, etc., clearly Anal Nosorog are not a one-trick pony. It is also nice that they do not have to rely on silly or tedious intros to make their music interesting – there is actually just one on this whole album.
Mitya grunts exemplarily like a sporty male boar and possesses good enough range and style to not make you want to cook up him for dinner. Drumming by Amar is very agreeable, on dope no doubt as per the requirements of the groovy music, but agile and adroit all the same. Condom of Hate has a slightly safe production which doesn't make it impotent but it doesn't allow the grind music to be as gritty and teeth-gnashing as you would like it to be sometimes either. Then there is what seems like bonus material tacked at the end that includes live songs, different version of a song, but they serve no great purpose and only prolong the album's running time. Usually a release of this nature is fun only for half an hour after which it starts losing its appeal.
Anal Nosorog have created a groovy porno/gore grind album that is spunky enough to not render it soporific and are able to sidestep the smugness that goes hand in hand with this form of music. Condom of Hate therefore is highly recommended to the fans of this subgenre.
Kunal N. Choksi [8/10]
Noizz Webzine (spa) 09.08.2008
Un bombazo sonoro el que nos presenta el sello Xtreem Music con esta re-edición del “Condom Of Hate” de la banda rusa ANAL NOSOROG. Una edición que además de los nada más y nada menos que veinte temas originales, incluye cinco temas como bonus tracks entre los que se encuentran temas en vivo y un par de versiones diferentes de temas del grupo. Vamos, una oportunidad única para conocer el loco mundo de estos rusos que según reza la leyenda de la portada practican un ‘Bulldozer Fuckin´ Grind Core Scum’. Casi nada.
Desde luego tras leer los títulos de los temas cuando menos entra curiosidad por saber que tipo de Grind practican estos rusos. Nombres tan explícitos como “Experiment With Excrement”, “Legalize Shit” o “Rectal Spit Into The Soul” por ejemplo hacen pensar que nos encontramos ante una propuesta ruidosa y marrana sin demasiada complicación. Pero ANAL NOSOROG hacen un Grind con múltiples influencias que aplican a la perfección y que componen un disco de lo más entretenido y divertido de la escena extrema. Así pues sonidos tan dispares como el Punk, Thrash, Hardcore, Metal, Death, Rock,... son pasados por la peculiar batidora de Grind del grupo. Una música muy potente, pesada y rápida es la base sobre la que estos músicos vomitan sus paranoias sonoras. Las voces no tienen desperdicio, combinando diferentes registros brutales e incluso con los típicos gruñidos de cerdo que tanto gustan en este género. No se cortan un pelo a la hora de meter scratches en temas como “Antichrist Super Star”; tampoco titubean a la hora de versionar a su manera el clásico Punk “Fuck The U.S.A.” de THE EXPLOITED; humor macabro con “Gothic Girl Who Made A Soup Of Father´s Head”; parodia del Rock n´ Roll en “Are You Ready” con unos agudos vocales muy especiales. En fin toda una colección de temas entre los que hay cierta variedad y que realmente enganchan.
Si te gustan los sonidos extremos y el sentido del humor un tanto escatológico y gore este disco hará que disfrutes como un auténtico cerdo revolcándose en la mierda. El diseño de la portada es bastante aséptico pero su música salpica vísceras y mierda. Recomendado.
Martín Moreno [8.2/10]
Atmospheriz Webzine (pol) 20.07.2008
Najpierw album ANAL NOSOROG zatytułowany „Condom Of Hate” ukazał się w Rosji nakładem Coyote Records, a rok później hiszpańska Xtreem Music podjęła się wydania go na całą Europę (świat?), wzbogacając oryginalny zestaw utworów o kilka bonusów. I tak na tę quasi kompilacyjną płytę złożyły się w lwiej części numery studyjne, po których znajdują się nagrania z koncertu i remiksy. ANAL NOSOROG łupie bardzo melodyjny i chwytliwy death/grind. Utworki są klasycznie krótkie i konkretne. Są też szybkie. Charakteryzują się bujającą brutalnością. Punkowa zadziorność i prostota (vide cover „Fuck The USA” THE EXPLOITED i nie tylko) łączy się na „Condom Of Hate” z ciężarem metalowych (choćby thrashowych) riffów, a czasem core`ową łupaną rytmiką. Młócąca perkusja nieźle podkręca tempo, gitary chodzą fajowo, wokale są zróżnicowane (growl, krzyki, chrumkanie, szczekanie itp.). Niektóre kawałki mają jednozdaniowe teksty pokrywające się z tytułami, albo w ogóle ich nie ma (wówczas wokal spełnia funkcję dodatkowego instrumentu). Poza tym ANAL NOSOROG nie byłby grindowym tworem bez sampli, które są więc wmontowane w „Condom Of Hate”. Są wśród nich także elektroniczne efekty, beaty i takie tam (co ma swe apogeum w chamskich remixach). Ogólnie muzyczka ta jest zawadiacka i czuć w niej frajdę z grania. Jej radosny wymiar przejawia się na przykład w parodii wokalisty AC/DC w utworku „Are You Ready?” („are you ready rock`n`roll tonight?”). Niestety hiszpańska wersja albumu nie jest równa. Końcowe remiksy i utwory „live” obniżają jakość całości. Co prawda ANAL NOSOROG pokazuje się w nich od żywiołowej strony, jednak brzmienie jest słabe, no i te same numery jednak lepiej wypadają w studyjnych wersjach.
Kasia [3.5/6]
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