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PSYCHOBOLIA - Fisting You All
Título: Fisting You All
CAT. #: XM 051 CD
Formato: CD [30:04]
Estilo: Brutal Death Metal
Edición: 02.2008
01. Intro
02. Androgyous
03. Morbid Dreads
04. Psychobolia
05. Fisting You All
06. Breeding Death
07. Slaughter
08. Dedicated To Hate
09. Subcutaneous
10. Rotting
11. Severe Headfuck
12. The Essence
13. The Zen (Bonus track)
1er album de ésta banda francesa de rápido, intenso y ultra-brutal Death Metal con una vocalista femenina totalmente impresionante e influencias de bandas como ANGEL CORPSE, KRISIUN, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, SUFFOCATION, VADER...
Mtuk Metal 'Zine (uk) 12.09.2008
A slightly strange and unorthodox start greets you as a subtle piano and narration is used instead. As the distortion in the intro increases you know your ears are in for a mashing, and once it starts it is a fairly predictable high velocity death metal massacre on the opener “Androgynous”. The band has no intention of hanging about as the warp speed snare slamming is maintained in the bands name sake track. The bass sound is a little thin which will always knock points off for me as it is the essence of death metal, making this border the fringes of the Decapitated sound (yes I don’t like their sound either).

The bands approach of short sharp frenetic riffing blasts works very well in a technical sense, whilst keeping the songs short gives the album a punchy, urgent edge. The leads are a touch high pitched especially on “Slaughter” making them tinny and marginally passionless. The guttural barking and alternate glass gargling screams work fine throughout the album though I prefer barks and growls. Each track flies by in flurry of vicious riffs that arrive one after another taking absolutely no prisoners whatsoever. With no actual standout tracks (except maybe “Severe Headfuck” as the track is so crushingly fast) and extremely short breaks between them, this could easily be a single 30 minute track. Overall I enjoyed the plethora of riffs and the battering drums, so anyone with fetish for a technical bludgeoning akin to Hate Eternal, Decapitated, Nile and Morbid Angel in that order will sincerely like this racket. Oh and the band are French and I deliberately left off one piece of info about the band that you should check out for yourself if you’re interested in hearing the band.
Martin Harris
Voices from the Darkside Webzine (ger) 09.08.2008
It’s not everyday such twisted humor, so idealic in every sense as this, should warm the depths of my black heart. The facts alone about this band’s debut album being titled “Fisting You All “, and that PSYCHOBOLIA is a Gore encrusted brutal Death Metal act fronted by a female, had me laughing out loud! I mean c’mon, how fucking ironic can you get? “Fisting You All”… And the vocal duties spit into the mic by a woman?! Fucking hysterical. What’s next from this quartet? A sophomore CD follow up by the title of “Blunt Force Bukkake”!?! Hahaha…Too funny – Anyhow – comedic value aside, PSYCHOBOLIA bring to the table a lot more than this, and most assuredly more than their fair share of ripping brutal Death Metal, along the lines of old SINISTER, MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION and a virtual host of other well known Death Metal favorites. Especially CANNIBAL CORPSE. To be wholly accurate, PSYCHOBOLIA’s most legitimate and immediate sound quality or clotted chunk of maggot ridden rotten flesh, take that as you will, would have to be SINISTER meets CANNIBAL CORPSE with the speed and dexterity of ANGEL CORPSE. Absolutely brutal and utterly savage Death Metal with enough technical oversight to please even the most skeptical out there of this relative newjack to the U/G Death Metal scene. Production is punchy, tight, and absolute in regards to the fast, intense and ultra-brutal Death Metal PSYCHOBOLIA will soon be known the world over for. Lastly – I have to say that of the latest cropping of bands to make it out of France in recent months (…years), PSYCHOBOLIA just impress the Hell out of me just like their fellow countrymen / counterparts BLOODY SIGN. The French scene is proving once more that brutality and anvil-strong Death Metal can be procured in the unlikeliest of places. P.S. For those who think Zdenka Prado of Cinnicinati, Ohio’s ESTUARY (currently signed to Ibex Moon) has a pair of lungs on her - to not only devastate and keep the pummeling pace of that band and effectively has no rival. Be warned…Caroline of PSYCHOBOLIA may leave you breathless!
Wes Rhodes
Noizz Webzine (spa) 06.08.2008
Nuestros vecinos franceses tienen ya un amplio espectro en lo que a música extrema se refiere, y no dejan de surgir nuevas bandas que revitalizan y consolidan la escena metálica más brutal. Ese es el caso de esta nueva banda extrema llamada PSYCHOBOLIA, formada en el año 2003 y con base en París, que publica su álbum de debut con el sello Xtreem Music bajo el sugerente título de “Fisting You All”. Un alarde de Brutal Death que no da un segundo de tregua.

Una breve y misteriosa introducción nos adentra en este mundo infernal de PSYCHOBOLIA, que despunta en todo su esplendor con el tema “Androgynous”. No hace falta escuchar demasiado para saber lo que nos depara el resto del disco ya que este tema ya hace toda una declaración de intenciones sonoras. Brutalidad y velocidad despiadada que se puede comparar a la escena del Brutal Death estadounidense. Riffs abrasivos, una batería inhumana, un bajo aplastante y una voz... la voz de Caroline es realmente brutal. Sí, Caroline, una mujer es la que se esconde tras semejante chorro de voz. Realmente impresionante como se maneja con los gritos más guturales y agresivos así como con los chirriantes agudos. Nada que ver con cualquier otra banda extrema liderada por una fémina, Caroline es capaz de hacer sombra a muchos vocalistas masculinos extremos. Este disco es brutal por los cuatro costados, los temas son infernales, rápidos y muy agresivos lo que despertará sin duda el interés de los más adeptos a este género. Es en el aspecto de la originalidad en el que se quedan un poco atrás ya que su música no destaca especialmente respecto de otras bandas del mismo estilo y en los trece temas que conforman el álbum se tiende un poco a la monotonía. No obstante lo que hacen lo hacen bien, de eso no cabe duda.

Si te gustan los sonidos más extremos y quieres poner a prueba tus oídos este disco te espera. Muy en la onda de bandas como Hate Eternal, Severe Torture, Cannibal Corpse, Deeds Of Flesh,...
Martín Moreno [7/10]
Psychosis Death Webzine (bra) 07.04.2008
Yeaaaaaahhh! Merciless "sonorous fist-fucking" in the ears, breaking the barriers of the sonorous logic and attacking the tympanums without mercy! With influences from Krisiun (old), Mordig Angel (old) and Hate Eternal, Psychobolia is synonymous of an unique sonorous devastation! The band gets to unite the influences in a super-potent sonorous structure, developing an Extreme Death Metal with own identity and impartiality, but always maintaining total velocity! The guitar sounds like a potent twelve-cylinders diesel engine emitting acids pollutant riffs while the tractor bass and the octopus drums lead the sonorous bestiality to nuclear levels and the ultra guttural vocal (done by a girl) provides us moments of sonorous indelicacy during the hateful damned vociferations. The velocity prevails from beginning to end, putting the sonorous structure in the apex of a sonorous cataclysm formed by a violent succession of extreme riffs. "Fisting You All" is the first album of this French quartet and it presents Psychobolia like a veteran band with excellent qualities. Perfect is the best definition for "Fisting You All", therefore from beginning to end this magnificent album wastes technique and velocity through an excellent recording, showing the excellence of the powerful riffs and an unique sonorous structure. "Fisting You All" is a rustic and primitive album, however is a refined album in technique. Excellent! Perfect from beginning to end! I recommend! Total sonorous insanity!
Atmospheriz Webzine (pol) 24.03.2008
To już są normalne jaja! Nie dość, że PSYCHOBOLIA napierdala jak mało jaki zespół, to na wokalu wdzięczy się niezgorsza wokalistka w białej nietuzinkowej bluzeczce z kwiatuszkiem we włosach. A myślałem, że już nic mnie nie zdziwi... Jak ta kobita śpiewa! O jeny! Ale sieka! Naprawdę chylę czoła. Wokalistka typu Caro powinna zastąpić naszą polską Dodę Elektrodę. Wtedy życie nabrałoby smaczku. Reszta składu czyli sami panowie robią to, co do nich należy. Totalna eksterminacja jakichkolwiek przyjaznych i przystępnych dźwięków. Liczy się tylko maksymalna prędkość i agresja. W najkrótszym skrócie płyta „Fisting You All” to pieprzony kawał dobrego grind korrra z dziewczyną z ogromnymi jajami. Tego nie można przegapić. Od 01.02.2008 r. już w sprzedaży. Strzeżcie się!!!
Sabian [5/6]
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