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OBSCENE GESTURE - Living In Profanity
Título: Living In Profanity
CAT. #: XM 050 CD
Formato: CD [37:23]
Estilo: Thrashcore/Crossover
Edición: 08.2007
01. Bullets Pays The Bills
02. Tear You Apart
03. Losing My Mind
04. Masters Fall
05. Fallen
06. Crumbs
07. Hand Of Fate
08. Black And Blue Love
09. Enough
10. The End
11. Everything
12. Lovely
13. Warning
14. I Wanna Live
15. Too Far
16. In The Name Of
17. Bring The Blood
18. Pink On The Inside
19. Don’t Matter
20. Killing Kids
21. What You Gonna Do?
Album debut con 21 temas en 37 rabiosos minutos de ésta banda de Los Angeles que incluye tres ex-miembros de AGENT STEEL!! Puro y jodido Thrashcore de la vieja escuela para amantes de CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, D.R.I., CRUMBSUCKERS, SLAYER, S.O.D., NUCLEAR ASSAULT, LETHAL AGGRESSION, THE ACCUSED...
Mtuk Metal 'Zine (uk) 12.09.2008
These West Coast American chaps were formed a short time ago and consist of Chuck Profus (Co. Founder Agent Steel) on Drums, George Robb (Agent Steel/LSN/Detente) on Bass, Guy Green-Vocals/Guitar, Vincent "Vinsident" Dennis (Steel Prophet / Body Count) on Guitar and finally Juan Garcia (Agent Steel / Evil Dead) also on Guitar. These guys are intent on bringing old school thrash back with a heavy dose of East Coast Hardcore thrown in for good measure. Their myspace website states influences drawn from bands such as ‘D.R.I’, ‘Slayer’, ‘Suicidal Tendencies’, ‘S.O.D’ amongst others. However, there is for me a particular inkling towards some ‘Cro-Mags’ and ‘Crumbsuckers’ in there.

Consisting of 21 tracks, yep, they are short! The intro is a nice passage from the movie ‘Planet of the Apes’ spoken by Cornelius (watch the movie!). ‘Losing My Mind’ is very much an angst ridden barrage of early hardcore and I feel some crusty punk thrown into the mix. Pedal to the metal and going for it, these guys make no compromise when it comes to energy and testosterone. ‘I Wanna Live’ also sticks out in my mind, at first I thought the lyrics were “I Wanna Beer” (I did at the time!). If highly technical guitar wizardry is your bag, then don’t buy this! You won’t find that here. When short solos do pop up, they are not of any quality worth expanding upon; the whole package is what it is all about for me.

I am not too sure about the intro to ‘Killing Kids’, I remember the film, but cannot place it at the moment, but then, everything is just thrown into the washing machine when the band starts playing. An anger management album if you like, its pretty nasty and could easily spit venom at you!

This has been a difficult one to decide on what to say, it’s not an overly fantastic album, but then again, it is straight to the point US hardcore with thrashing influences and like the band proclaim in their logo and websites, it’s a big middle finger to you…nice!
Paul Maddison
Voices from the Darkside (ger) 09.08.2008
Thrashcore / Crossover is coming back again, or that's what it seems seeing MUNICIPAL WASTE having so much recognition and some new bands like $$$ coming after them, or even this new project, called OBSCENE GESTURE, that have ex-members of bands in their ranks which are not new at all in this scene, like AGENT STEEL, ABATTOIR or DÉTENTE, among others. In this case they left behind the more straight Thrash Metal a bit giving us a pure Crossover / Hardcore oriented album, in the 80s way, with clear references to CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, CRUMBSUCKERS or DRI for the most metallic part or MINOR THREAT, as an example, for Hardcore. I must say I like this style quite a lot, and MUNICIPAL WASTE is a band which I worship, but the reason for this (apart of having a bigger Metal side than OBSCENE GESTURE) is they still bring something interesting to a scene which almost said everything in the 80s, and to which it's quite hard to give his freshness back. And that's where I see a bit the mistake of this band, I'm not saying they aren't doing the things well, the songs are aggressive, they are catchy... well, they have a lot of energy, and it's great when you're speaking about guys which are not so young, but that's not enough. And I know it's not the only style which has been played by thousands of bands, but this one doesn't give a big innovation, so it sounds more repetitive. Really fast and short tracks, with Punk riffs and a singer who screams without mercy his short and straight lyrics, just as the style used to be. Even the production is not so impressive; I'm not a purist but I think it wouldn't have been so complicated to have a better sound, and these guys should know how to do it. To close up, an album for the fans of the style, but I still prefer to listen to "Convicted" or "Four Of A Kind", and, if I don't have them, to the guys of NY I mentioned in the beginning (or even some Hardcore albums).
Jeroni Sancho
Noizz Webzine (spa) 29.07.2008
Directo y sin concesiones, así es como se puede definir este disco de los estadounidenses OBSCENE GESTURE. En su momento tuve la oportunidad de escuchar su demo de 2006 titulada “Straight Outta The Gutter” que ya apuntaba maneras. En 2007 el grupo ficha con el sello Xtreem Music y lanza el “Living In Profanity” que ahora mismo nos ocupa. Un auténtico trallazo de Hardcore con ramalazos Thrash y Punk que ha sido producido por el productor de L.A. Rob Hill (CYPRESS HILL, POWERMAN 5000, AGENT STEEL, TOURETTES, etc...).

Adrenalina pura es lo que destila la música de estos obscenos. Mucha rabia, velocidad y más rabia y más velocidad. Las guitarras destripan sus riffs sencillos y salvajes al ritmo implacable de la batería. La forma de cantar, o mejor dicho de gritar, es también un alarde de mala ostia que no deja títere con cabeza. Es como una mezcla del Hardcore más salvaje y punkarra con el Thrash Metal de la vieja escuela, o dicho de otra manera se podría comparar a una combinación explosiva entre DISCHARGE, D.R.I. y SLAYER. Casi nada. Y el resultado es bastante bueno, con un sonido potente y furioso que saca lo mejor de la cosecha de la banda. La mayor pega que se puede poner a este disco es que resulta un tanto repetitivo en algunos momentos. Hay que tener en cuenta que han metido nada más y nada menos que veintiún temas en este “Linving In Profanity” en los que repiten la misma fórmula sin descanso en casi todos. Así pues resulta complicado destacar algún tema sobre los demás ya que si te gusta el primero te gustará el disco completo, y lo mismo sucederá si no te gusta.

Lo dicho, si quieres adrenalina en estado puro y sin artificios este disco no te defraudará. Casi cuarenta minutos que no dejan lugar para el sosiego en un trabajo que lanza sus golpes directos a la cara.
Martín Moreno [7/10]
Atmospheriz Webzine (pol) 14.03.2008
Ostro, bezkompromisowo i bez kompleksów! Tak można krótko scharakteryzować, to co zaprezentował na swoim debiutanckim albumie ,,Living In Profanity” kwintet OBSCENE GESTURE. Chłopcy z Arizony nie silą się na poszukiwanie nowych horyzontów muzycznych, walą prosto z mostu to, co im w duszy gra. A szczerze mówiąc, mimo że nie jestem wielkim fanem takiej stylistyki, trzeba oddać cesarzowi to co cesarskie. Mamy do czynienia z naprawdę niezłą mieszanką metalowo-punkowo-corową. Płyta zawiera 21 numerów. Średnia czasu jednej kompozycji wynosi ok. dwie minuty, więc możecie ocenić, jaka to jest jazda. Na szczęście nie jest to bezkształtna łupanka, a w miarę konkretny, a także treściowy przekaz muzyczny. Guy Green wykrzykuje imponderabilia niczym Kurt Brecht z D.R.I. czy niezmordowany Tom Araya. OBSCENE GESTURE umiejętnie łączy wpływy starej thrashowej szkoły z punkową stylistyką. Sam się sobie dziwię, że mi się to podejście do muzyki podoba. Może zostanę fanem takich dźwięków? Czas pokaże... Wiem jedno, na pewno będę kibicował OBSCENE GESTURE w drodze na metalowo-punkowo-hardcorowy szczyt! Z czystym sumieniem polecam ,,Living In Profanity” wszystkim fanom ekstremalnej jazdy!
Sebass [5/6]
Mario's Metal Mania Webzine (hol) 22.01.2008
This is a new band from down town L.A. with some familiar members in it, namely the original rhythm section of Agent Steel, Chuck Profus and George Robb initiated Obscene Gesture. This however has nothing to do with Agent Steel, cause the music is very different from what Agent Steel does. Chuck and George teamed up with L.A.'s original Gutterthug Guy Green and Vince Dennis of Body Count/Steel Prophet to bring old school thrash metal back from the streets. And as of dec. 2006 Juan Garcia of Agent Steel has rounded out the line-up. Chuck and Guy have been playing and writing songs together off and on for the last ten years. Guy Green was actually once part of Agent Steel's road crew back in the eighties. The two, along with some friends, recorded a six-song demo during Halloween 2005 (see Archive CD/DVD reviews) , with Vince Simpson (of the old school 80's band Tormentor) playing all the leads. At the end of 2006 the band went into the studio with L.A. producer Rob Hill (Cypress Hill, Powerman 5000, Tourettes, Agent Steel) and recorded a full length album. This new record is called 'Living in Profanity' and features 21 songs, done in little over half an hour. In June 2007 they officially signed a deal with Xtreem Music out of Spain, and the album was released worldwide August 2007. The music of Obscene Gesture is a mix of old school thrash, hardcore and punk, with influences from bands like D.R.I., Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Cryptic Slaughter, Suicidal Tendencies, Crumbsuckers, S.O.D., guess you get the picture by now…other bands to mention would be new bands like SSS and Municipal Waste, whom, with the help of Earache, brought thrash/hardcore back under the attention making it possible for other bands not to stay unnoticed, like Obscene Gesture. This band deserves some attention, cause they are really convincing in what they do, and that is bringing back old school thrash/punk metal. Great short songs on here, hardly reaching two minutes, with furious guitars and angry, pissed off vocals on a solid fast and heavy rhythm section, no time to get bored with this stuff. With songs like 'Bullets Pays The Bills', 'Losing My Mind', 'Hand Of Fate', 'The End', well actually all songs are killer tracks, just get it if your into this kind of music, cause this is one not to be missed!
Kees Schijven [87/100]
Lost In Chaos Mediazine (indo) 15.11.2007
Los Angeles Old School Thrashcore fuckers Obscene Gesture cumming back after release “ demo 2005 “, this is special from members Agent Steel, Steel Prophet and Killing Machine has Gathering To Grow Into One formation here!!! Like as Guy Green - Vocals/Guitars, Chuck Profus - Drums (ex-Agent Steel, Pontius Prophet, Black Reign (US), Malfeitor)
George Robb - Bass (ex-Agent Steel, Détente, L.S.N. ), Vince Dennis - Guitars (Body Count, Steel Prophet) and Juan Garcia - Guitars (Agent Steel, Evildead, Abattoir (US), Pontius Prophet, Terror (US), Killing Machine). Obscene gesture Now keep Consist bring relentless Mixture of old school 80's Thrash, Hardcore & Punk in the vein of bands style in the vein Dirty Rotten Imbecille, Lethal Aggression, Cryptic Slaughter, Nuclear Assault, Slayer, Lethal Aggression, Crumbsuckers, The Accüsed... that sound is totally Old school metal!! "Living In Profanity" includes 21 tracks at a blistering 37 minutes and was produced by L.A. producer Rob Hill ( Cypress Hill, Powerman5000, Agent Steel, Tourettes, ect.. .). Started with an Intro “Bullets Pay The Bills” and then continued with main tempos are mid and up-tempo Thrash Metal/ Crossover with a recording sound that is extremely old school sounding and aggressive emotional attitute Hardcore band like Strife, Snapcase, or Integrity. As for me personally is this the best upcoming old-school!! The Vocals and guitar riffs are damn fucking nice and got no complains about the whole production, Just because this is the shit I prefer above all the new Thrash Metal/ Crossover and I'm sure loads of oldschool sound dudes and babes will agree with me.that is cool…. Crossover/ Thrash metal lovers who still get in touch this album: Take a change to check these guys out, you got a satisfy great a moshpit slamming area!!!
Herry SIC
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