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KRONOS - Colossal Titan Strife
Banda:   KRONOS
Título: Colossal Titan Strife
CAT. #: XM 011 CD
Formato: CD [42:42]
Estilo: Brutal Death Metal
Edición: 12.2003
01. Mythological Bloodbath
02. Colossal Titan Strife
03. Submission
04. Opplomak
05. With Eaque Sword
06. Aeternus Pharaos Curse
07. Haterealm
08. Monumental Carnage
09. Phaeton
10. Kronos
11. Infernal Worms Field
Ha llegado la hora de que la más brutal banda francesa de Death Metal libere su segundo opus tras su impresionante álbum debut "Titan's Awakening" del 2001. De cualquier forma, ése álbum no es nada comparado con ésta obra maestra llamada "Colossal Titan Strife".

KRONOS es sin duda una fuerza a tener en cuenta dentro de la escena europea del Death Metal. Este nuevo trabajo, que cuenta con una extremadamente increíble producción, nos trae un súper-preciso, brutal y pesado Death Metal que mezcla la brutalidad y los ritmos pegadizos tando te bandas europeas como SEVERE TORTURE y ABORTED con grupos americanos a lo CRYPTOPSY y MONSTROSITY. Buenísimas composiicones con excelentes arreglos y sobresalientes solos de guitarra apoyados un fantástico trabajo de batería y una súper-brutal línea vocal. Un álbum que impresiona con tan sólo una escucha!!

Sólo el tiempo lo dirá. KRONOS conquistará. Estás avisado!!
Metal-Archives.com (usa) 15.05.2010
Every so often an album is released that completely changes your expectations of what to expect from metal. Colossal Titan Strife is that album. This French quartet has unleashed an ogre on the music world and its ravaging eardrums wherever it is heard. Kronos is that rare combination of pure technical ability, creative riffing, and monstrous vocals that sets them apart from the legions of brutal death metal bands. I almost hesitate to use that adjective to describe them however. This is not to say that Kronos aren’t brutal. Vocalist Christophe Gérardin has one of the most vicious growls I’ve ever heard: he sounds like a freight train of pure hate barreling towards you with no hope of escape. No, the reason brutal is such an improper adjective for Kronos’ music is that the word is woefully misleading. The group’s second full length is everything an extreme metal record should be, not just orbit altering heavy. Colossal Titan Strife might just be the perfect death metal album.

Things get started with a short ‘skit’ track. Amid sounds of lightening and decapitation the theme of Greek gods at war with each other starts to become clear. The title track of the album immediately follows and it’s a doozy. Gérardin’s roaring guttural vocals tear through you as the buzz saw riffs run roughshod over your senses. It’s a non-stop experience in sheer aural might. Kronos is also very capable of settling into some massive grooves. Around the forty-five second mark in “Colossal Titan Strife” you might find your body reflexively swaying to the insidiously catchy guitar fills.

Midway through the record, Kronos really begins to hit their musical stride. Tracks like “With Eaque Sword”, “Haterealm”, and “Aeturnum Pharaos Curse” are instant death metal classics. With their infectious riffing, ravenous rhythms, and jaw dropping tempo changes, the middle of Colossal Titan Strife really showcases Kronos at the top of their songwriting game. Each song is chocked full of memorable passages, drum fills, and of course, guitar solos. Guitarist Richard Chuat is a wizard on the axe and his finger fury animates every song with a different feel. Whether it’s the Egyptian theme in “Aeturnum Pharaos Curse” or war march of “Monumental Carnage”, Chuat captures your attention with his clever, contagious shredding.

In order to truly pull of their sound, Kronos need a solid rhythm section backing up the front end. Fortunately, Europe does not seem to have a shortage of awesome death metal drummers. Mike Sako on drums and Tom Viel on bass round out this French metal machine. Their undulating patterns and the lightening fast feet of Sako will drive these tunes right into your long term memory. Sako regularly hits speeds of 270 beats per minute (that’s fast kids), putting on a speed clinic during the entire album: especially in blast heavy tracks like “Phaeton” and “Submission”.

Kronos play a very tight, technical, and melodic style of death metal. If they had a less brutal vocalist, they’d have a wider fan base. This kind of intensity is not for everyone, but if you can look past what you don’t enjoy of the vocals, there is much to be found in the music itself. If you’re already a fan of metal and haven’t heard Kronos yet, then you are in for a treat. The guitar riffs are really something special on Colossal Titan Strife; don’t be surprised if you develop a craving for Kronos after limited exposure.
ian_w [95%]
Metal-Archives.com (usa) 20.04.2010
'Colossal Titan Strife' is an album of mythic proportions that combines elements of mythology and melody on top of variety and the necessary brutality.

After a short sample, we hear what Kronos is all about on the title track: high tempo and crushing riffs, backed by deep vocals, varied with shrieking and screaming. Suddenly, halfway through the title track, the tempo changes and a melodic riff kicks in, together with a very catchy lead. After this short section, the song goes back to a crushing groove. This sums up what the whole album is: brutal, with melodic parts.

There wasn't a single moment where I was tempted to press the 'skip' button. Every song had an element in it that puts it apart from the rest of the album. 'Phaeton', with its tempo changes and vocal diversity, is one of the best songs off the album. Just like 'Haterealm' and its catchy midsection, it will leave you wanting for more.

The production is exactly fitting, every instrument (except the bass) has the right tone. Nothing drowns out another instrument (except the poor bass) and the vocals are spot on. Everything is played tightly and every riff can be heard.
The drums are deserving of a special praise. They keep the songs together with blasting sections, catchy mid-pace sections and entertaining fills. There is a lot of vocal variety: a shriek, a deep growl and rarely a deep guttural, barking out Greek mythological tales about titans.

Despite the praise, there are a few flaws.
First of all, the vocals are unintelligible. Sometimes it feels as if it's just randomly growling. The only one that can get away properly with just gargling and shrieking is Lord Worm. The lyrics are well thought of, so it's a missed opportunity.
Secondly, the bass is nowhere to be heard, which is too bad, but doesn't really harm the listening experience.
And last but not least, 'Phaeton', 'Haterealm' and the title track overshadow the rest of the album. The sample in 'Monumental Carnage' breaks up the flow of the album, and the last two tracks really don't cut it in comparison.

So, being a bit picky, we can conclude this is a must-have album for fans of brutal death metal who can handle a bit of melody. Don't expect mindblowing innovation, but do expect to be blown away by Kronos, the titans of melodic brutal death metal.
heavyyield [89%]
Metal-Archives.com (usa) 27.05.2008
Very rarely do I now listen to death metal albums unless they have a certain extent of hyperbolic, elitist praise poured upon them. The genre seems to have become so flooded with soulless technical masturbation and a tendency to repeat the same song twelve times that sitting through an entire album is more of a boring chore than an opportunity to head bang my eyes out. Occasionally however, a band will come along and either do something completely different to what has gone before or simply follow the international death metal book of rules exceptionally well. Kronos do a mixture of the two in Colossal Titan Strife. This album isn’t some crazy avant-garde release that blends gypsy folk with blast beats and nor is it cut and dry death metal served on a plate of babies entrails. The brutality is perfectly balanced with melody and the song writing is both clever and diverse enough to make the longer tracks such as ‘Phaeton’ keep the attention of the listener firmly secure.

If you’re someone who often feels disappointed after listening to an album on the basis that it was recommended to you because of awesome riffs, and yet has nothing special to offer, then this will blow your mind. The riffs are incredibly catchy and memorable, the opening of tracks such as ‘Opplomak’ and ‘With Eaque Sword’ being two such examples. Furthermore, every song has something different to offer and this is an ingredient that is sorely lacking in modern death metal. For instance, ‘Aeternum Pharaos Curse’ showcases a catchy riff, lovely base work and a kickass solo to finish it off. The longer songs, ‘Phaeton’ and ‘Infernal Worm Fields’, do more than simply hold attention, they are lessons on how to make epic, crushing and powerful death metal which doesn’t get boring after five minutes. I could go through every song and mention something that makes it special because there really isn’t a weak track on the album and did I mention that the riffs are fucking amazing?

The vocals aren’t really anything unique, but as with the guitar, drum and base they are done exceptionally well and fit the music perfectly. Black metal shrieks mix with the guttural growls (which vary in depth) enough to add a little flare, but not so much that there are too many vocal styles and a lack of consistency. I can see that someone could criticise the vocals for not being terribly varied, but this is death metal after all. Moreover, unlike Amon Amarth (who sound a bit like a less heavy Kronos), the lyrics are very difficult to decipher, however this is a minor point. The lyrics themselves deal with Greek mythology, an area I haven’t seen covered by many other bands in the genre. While somewhat exclusive, the lyrics are well composed and make for an interesting read. In addition, the album’s theme is expressed through small samples which are more or less pointless (although Mythological Bloodbath is pretty cool).

The highlight of the album for me would be ‘Phaeton’, which is also the longest track. The song begins at a fast pace and, like most of the others, a great riff before it proceeds into a vocal assault. By 1.19 the song slows back to the original riff and a passage of blackened shrieks begins. By the two minute mark the song changes to a slower pace before picking up again, thus showcasing Kronos’ mastery of song writing. At roughly four minutes there is a minute and a half long instrumental segment which combines furious guitar, bass and drum work into what can only be described as a completely face melting blend of heaviness before the song draws to a close. The instrumental has a similar impact on me to the solo in ‘Dechristianize’ by Vital Remains in the way that it sends a couple of shudders down the spine. This is what a death metal track is supposed to sound like.

The consistency of the album is shown by how many people have different opinions over which track is actually the best. Indeed, there is very little that Colossal Titan Strife can be criticised for, other than not being 10 tracks longer. Kronos have released an album of such monumental brutality and melody that it deserves to be recognised as one of the best death metal full lengths out there. If you have any remote interest in death metal check this out, it makes bands in the vein of Kataklysm look like amateurs. This is death metal done extremely well and while not as overtly technical as some, Kronos do what’s needed to keep the pace flowing and make the album one which has something new to be discovered on repeated listens.
Faint [96%]
Metal-Archives.com (usa) 06.04.2007
Colossal Titan Strife. The album every death metal fan should be ashamed not to own. The undiscovered masterpiece of the death metal world. The only death metal album that manages to do everything right. With loads of unique elements, tenebrous and warmongering riffs, stellar guitar work, refreshing song direction and enough brutality to put the majority of their scene to shame, this band, and especially this album, stand head and shoulders above all other death metal.

Not only will this album make your pathetic skull implode, but it will set up clinic for song writing and riff making. You better believe, these bastards know how to write a song. Oh, and you will bang your head.

The drumming, undeniably an important factor in death metal, is tight, with a touch of complexity, and I must stress here - fucking fast. With a frequent beat that can only be described as a beat which is twice the speed of a blast beat. Accompanied by a killer riff and a 10 second black metal scream (which can occur, at any given point in the music), this is simply some of the most intense music humanity has ever known. It will give you the urge to maim the next person you come in contact with ... with your teeth.

The two vocals are guttural, brutal booms of death, and grating black metal shrieks of unfading anger. These insane vocals deliver demented lyrics about Greek mythology with a gore-ridden twist which still remains true to it’s source.

The bass is raw, but clear. Withering like a worm underneath a riff here and there, crafting it's own little melody. Even with fast sweeping fills in some moments, and a sense of direction all it's own.

Finally, the guitars. Riffs and song writing ... these boys have the skills. Melodious, harmonic, fast, catchy, unique, and totally fucking brutal. Melodious, no, not like the first garbage Swedish melodic death metal band that pops into your head. Melodious in the way a real death metal (or even black metal) band would do occasionally, perhaps with phrasing like a speed metal band would do. Melodic in a way that is evil, malicious and amazingly aggressive. Harmonic, with both guitarists having immense skills and dueling capabilities. Fast, the speed seldom let's up. Catchy, these riffs are just well written. Flowing like water, and speaking like a poet, the riffs are just a joy to listen to. Unique, the blend of melody, brutality and excellent lead work is forged into a sound that is untouchable and impossible to be counterfeited. Brutal? Like few others.

The song writing is just so impressive. Let's examine the song Haterealm for example:

Starting of with mentioned "double speed blast beat" and both vocals blaring, the riff is filled with notes, a quick break and into a pummeling head banging riff. Pauses with the first notes of the next riff a few times, then once with the chunky bass, then exploding right into another intensely fast and melodic riff, then this riff is played with the pauses again flowing seamlessly into the leads. Holy shit - some of the best use of a whammy bar ever. (And really, who would think whammy bar usage would be worth noting) On top of some punishing drums with almost jazzy (but not technical or pompous sounding) drum fills, the riff is played, each time being capped with one guitarist playing an arpeggio, then the other guitarist does some amazing whammy after the riff the next time. This repeats several times and it speeds gradually and unexpectedly then drops right back into that head banging riff, then ends with the last burst of intensity that it started with in the first riff. Simply a flawlessly written song. This is a good example of how well written and unpredictable the songs are.

So, I will say again, anyone who claims to like anything heavy, and doesn’t own this - is an unfortunate bastard, or just a fool. My favorite death metal album bar none.
BloodIronBeer [97%]
Metal-Archives.com (usa) 16.01.2005
The French are generally known for romance, and fried potatoe slices. Brutal death metal from France is something new to me. I was very pleasantly surprised with this release, from a country that I know very few bands.

This is what melodic death metal should fucking sound like. Their vocalist does an exellent job, this is no half-assed, airy growling, this is some brutal, infernally fucking insane vocals. If I had to rate them alone, it would be a 10/10. The other vocalist does a good job as well, having a scream closer to the black metal style.

I'm so blown away by this CD. The riffs are melodic, but furiously destructive at the same time. They also don't fuck around with extra riffs, filler riffs, riffs that don't go anywhere ... they tear your stereo apart, and exit. The riffage from track to track vary a good bit, but on the over-all, it's like a power metal band, playing with the heaviest distortion, and crushing force. The style they've managed to pull off here, is a completly unique merger of harmony, melody, and brutality. It surpasses bands like Intestine Baalism and Hate Eternal, where those bands seem to switch on and off - or simply have "brutal vocals" with melodic guitar riffage; that is not what Kronos is about.

The drums are superb as well. Production-wise - punchy, clear enough to discern from the mix, deep, and bassy. Performance-wise - fast, technical, and brings out the guitar riffs in great style. A very precise proformance, as well. I'm not sure if he uses triggers, but it doesn't sound fake or generic.

The bassist will also let himself be known. The bass will pop up on occasion, and enter some sweet fills. Also, the bass is not lost in the mix, and doesn't play simple riffs following the rhythm guitar, but most often the plays the lead.

These two guitarists could not be any better at what they do. Technical, melodic, crushing. Just a few words used to NOT DO FULL JUSTICE to the amazing work here. And again, they don't leave you wanting them to return to a previous riff. Nope, not with these crazy bastards. It is one killer riff after another.

There are some great solos. Very fast and smooth ... not the best, but they more than suffice, and surely fit the style. The leads and solos are well in the mix, and sound great over top the rhythm guitar.

Something I love to see, and is shown here, is a good variety in songs. A couple of tracks even have a "Gothenburg" sound, though exeptionally heavier. Some are toward the traditional American death metal style, in the vein of Deicide ... but over all, they have a unique sound that's very easy to get into. Even certain haters of melodic death metal, should find this very easy to swallow.

For people who are less than fans of crazy tech, complex as Hell metal, this is more for you. But, I have a taste for complexity when it comes to death/thrash/grind (and music in general) and this completely satisfies it.

Would I have guessed this amazing, brutal, dark, crazy band was from France? Nope. I actually would have thought it was from Hell.

The fact that I've only listened to this CD but one time, is possibly the only thing keeping me from it getting a perfect score of 100.

If you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, yet still heavier than Hell, this is what you're looking for. I give this the highest recommendation for any death metal fan.
LifeInAFireBox [95%]
Metal-Archives.com (usa) 17.07.2004
I might be overrating this slightly, but it's one of those albums that I've been listening to non-stop lately. This album is chock full of epic leads, weird song structuring, screwy time signatures, excellent melodic riffage, technical drumming, and more mythology than you can shake a stick at. I had heard good things about this band from almost everyone mentioning them, so I made an effort to download this. I had heard their other album which is also good but not quite as masterful as the melodic death masterpiece we have here.

Track by track is what I'm doing here, because I feel like listening to this along with writing the review.

Mythological Bloodbath is just a little war sample. It sort of sets the atmosphere and epic feel of the album. A good transition to the brutal and melodic stylings of this band.

Collosal Titan Strife...this is a fucking killer song (as all of these are). The riffage is a bit buried in the beginning but soon comes the screaming vocals (the band has a great dual vox approach), and an epic riff for a few seconds. 1:09 is the part with the super low Severe Torture style vocals over an awesome melodic riff and blasting double bass. 1:45 or so is the coolest riff ever, or something like that. This epic little part goes into an awesome solo with great harmonics.

Submission is the short song of the album (excluding the intro). It has some novelty time changes, start stop stuff, but it's certainly not the best track here. It's mostly a blast fest until about 42 seconds where they pull a random groovy drum pattern out of nowhere.

Opplomak starts with a sweet riff into the blastbeats. This is a great place to check out the tech drumming. Blasting with excellent double bass, crazy fills, etc. More riffage ensues at :27 in. Crazy drum fill at about 1:15 that is just so random and disjointed, yet awesome. Not much else is super outstanding about this song.

With Eaque Sword was the first song I heard off the album. It starts off with a great melodic riff and a filthy hateful screech, with some good blasting. There is a ton of variation on this song. The time changes are crazy. Everything is schizophrenic and hard to follow, but in the end, your ears are begging for more. Which is precisely why there are 6 more songs!

Aeturnum Pharaos Curse starts with a weird sample that doesn't really go into the song all that well. There is some Mithras-like string bending in this song, and overall it sounds like a song from Mithras' Forever Advancing Legions album when it is slower. This song has a bit less of the awesome melodic riffing, but there are some weird parts like at 2:38 where it randomly cuts to just bass, into a random scream, and a hyperfast blast part. This song has an amazing solo that starts and stops like crazy.

Haterealm seems to be the favorite among people, according to the poll on Kronos' site. The votes are well deserved, this is a crazy fucking song. It's a charge forward deathfest full of great riffs, awesome vocals, and hooks you wouldn't believe. It stops for a break a bit through with some nice army style drumming, very militant sounding. At about 1:49, there is the coolest little slide or something that's just so great, then a significant tempo change that leads to the end of one of the best tracks off the album.

Monumental Carnage starts with a very melo-death riff, into this groovy drum passage. This track isn't as good as some on the album, but it's still a fucking gem. The vocals eventually start, and if there were no vocals, this would sound almost straight-Gothenburg, with the exception of the prominent bass and weird structuring.

Ah, Phaeton. The epic as fuck semi-clincher to the album. This is the longest track here, is chock full of excellent riffage and groovy basslines, and some of the coolest death metal hooks in the metal universe. I think this is probably my favorite on the album just because it's 6 minutes long, which is longer than any of their songs, for the most part, yet is still full of so much variation and weird tech drumming that it doesn't get boring. This track reminds somewhat of Cephalectomy at times, especially with the screaming vocals. At about 4:23, we get treated to the coolest little melodic riff of the song, and it is followed up by some tremendous double bass with the laid back snare/cymbal work.

Kronos starts off rather abruptly, with a low-end death growl and a short scream, into a blasting fest full of technical fills. More of the same on this track. Mostly fast-paced with some great speed riffs here and there.

Infernal Worms Fields is a rather epic song as well, and the clincher of the album. It starts off sort of slow, but builds up eventually, although it remains slower than some songs on the album, throughout. There's some cool guitarwork at about 2:25 with some bending. It eventually goes into a great and majestic solo that sums up the album's epic feel.

Overall, if you want something that's brutal yet highly melodic, and has amazing production and flair, look no further than Kronos' Collosal Titan Strife. If you like death metal at all, then you'd be a sad sucker not to buy this.
Spawnhorde [93%]
MetalStorm.net (est) 30.04.2004
More unmatched brutality from the Spanish label, Xtreem Music, this relatively new label, directed by Dave Rotten from Avulsed and born from the ashes of Repulse Records, is releasing more and more talented Death Metal bands everyday, is incredible how's growing.

Anyway, this time around we have Kronos and their sophomore album "Colossal Titan Strife" , and I know what you're thinking, but no, this guys hail from France, but the whole Greek mythology is very present in their themes as you can notice.
A little info first, Kronos (or Cronos) is a Titan in Greek mythology, who happens to be, Zeus father also, nice isn't it? Well get to the Geek stuff later.. emm I mean Greek.

The album begins with some sound effects of a battle, screams, effect of swords colliding against the flesh, etc , this intro is properly named "Mythological Bloodbath", as soon the short intro is over, the title song "Colossal Titan Strife" begins, the style is very brutal, the vocals undecipherable, but the good thing is that once in a while a second voice takes place, a more shrieky one, who, by the way, fits the music perfectly.

"Submission" is the shortest song in the album, and also one of the most brutal, excellent guitar solo at the beginning, as a matter of fact, the whole album has great guitar work, solos all through the album are really good.
Some other killer songs are "With Eaque Sword" and "Monumental Carnage" , and special mention to "Phateon" a great 6 minute Death Metal piece.

I really like the theme of the album, that obviously, deals with Greek Mythology, the concept is an struggle for the domination of the world between the army of titans leaded by Cronos, and the Gods from the Olympus, guided by Zeus.

Great signing for Xtreem Music, this is a must-have for any fan of brutal stuff, the musicianship is great, not to mention the excellent production, long live Cronos, king of Titans!
Undercraft [8/10]
The Metal Observer (can) 18.03.2004
Of all the albums I got from Xtreem Music records this one is by far the most impressive. What the others lacked this one has, and then some! Where the others were great but held back by production, or simply just not being quite as good as the best KRONOS deliver a fantastic brutal slab of Death Metal with enough hooks, variation, melody and all round excellence to rekindle the interest in this reviewers stoney heart.

With many comparisons being made to such technical wizards as CRYPTOPSY and some brutal acts with hooks like SEVERE TORTURE only with more melody I was quite excited to hear what this could deliver and let me just say that it delivers the best bits from each of those aforementioned styles. The music is a fine blend of Swedish melody (which is played perfectly and frequently and still manages not to hinder the relentless brutality), extreme aggression (no pun) and grooving riffs with powerful brutal vocals and excellent tight guitar rhythms and percussion. All of this is captured perfectly in an awesome fat production which gives ample bass and great guitar sounds.

The guitar riffs are often quite Thrash oriented which adds to the dynamics of the album, and they have a tendency to use lots of sharp pinch harmonics which snap your attention into every riff. Listen to "Colossal Titan Strife", "Haterealm" or "Kronos" for some fine examples of beautiful melodic lead work and riffing coupled perfectly alongside some of the most brutal, grooving and catchy Death Metal you're likely to hear.

The musicianship is exquisite and the compositions are next to flawless, with each track being instantly accessible to any Death Metal fan. Added to this the production that wraps it all together is powerful and most importantly heavy. This is as good as modern Death Metal gets, and it can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the classics. An essential purchase for any fan of Death Metal.
Niall [9/10]
Atmospheriz Webzine (pol) 26.02.2004
KRONOS został powołany do życia przez 13-17-latków w `94 i w ciągu dekady wyrósł na czołowy zespół death metalowy z Francji. Na albumie „Colossal Titan Strife” grupa po raz wtóry pokazuje, z jakim powodzeniem można scalać starego ducha tego stylu ze świeżym spojrzeniem na ten gatunek oraz z nowoczesnym brzmieniem. KRONOS czerpie najlepsze wzorce z amerykańskiego i europejskiego sposobu grania pełnokrwistego death metalu, łączy technikę kapel zza Oceanu ze skandynawską melodyjnością oraz odrobiną thrash`u. Słychać w tym CRYPTOPSY, DEEDS OF FLESH, SEVERE TORTURE. Muzyka zespołu jest brutalna, piekielna, jednak nie brakuje w niej chwytliwych riffów i średnich temp. Na kształt „Colossal Titan Strife” składają się zabójcze solówki, wzbogacający całość bas i potężna perkusja (w ogóle czasem szybkość sekcji jest prawie grindowa), głębokie growle i nienawistne skrzeki Kristofa. Całość dopełnia mięsista produkcja, która uwypukla umiejętności muzyków i moc ich twórczości. Tematykę utworów Francuzi zaczerpnęli z greckiej mitologii i w oparciu o nią zbudowali koncept „Colossal Titan Strife”. Czekamy na następną płytę KRONOS w barwach Xtreem Music.
Kasia [5/6]
The Metal Crypt (usa) 29.01.2004
Picture this: You're listening to the CD with headphones, and for a couple of seconds the guitar sound alternates between the left and right ear. I could almost feel my brain physically inside my head. This is just some of the pounding that this new Kronos album will put you through. This is very fast death metal, which if I were more of a faithful "deathhead" (no, don't start using this term daily) I would be able to compare to some other band, but I can't. Machine-gun style riffage at times reminding me of Metallica back in the days (but heavier) with a hint of early Megadeth and Painkiller-era Priest, insane drumming, and... Damn this is quite catchy. The guys seem to be influenced more by speed/thrash beats than by actual Death Metal and with the Death twist this is quite interesting to listen to, avoiding the "monotonous" trap that many DM bands fall into. This is the first time from memory that I actually "air-guitar" to Death Metal...

Things are more conventional Death Metal in the vocals department, very guttural (insert my usual breakfast comment here.) This is probably the first time I'm going to say that the guttural vocals flow were well with the beat of the music. Damn, lots of calendar-marking today! :) There's a lot to like here: Great diversified guitar work and intricate drum patterns, some wicked guitar solos and quite a good number of catchy yet non-compromising hooks. A refreshing sound in this overcrowded genre is always welcome, and "Colossal Titan Strife" is just what the doctor ordered. Great marriage of Death Metal and the more classic sounds. This French outfit is definitely worth checking out.
Michel Renaud [4.25/5]
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La banda inglesa de Death Metal RAVENS CREED, ha completado su 4º álbum titulado "Get Killed or Try Dying" el cual saldrá editado el próximo 2 de Agosto a través de Xtreem Music.

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La banda española de pathological Death/Grind NASTY SURGEONS, acaba de lanzar un video-clip a modo de 2º single de adelanto de su segundo álbum "Infectious Stench" que verá la luz el próximo 5 de...
Los Death/Grinders españoles NASTY SURGEONS han revelado el arte de la portada (de nuevo por Juanjo Castellano), listado de temas y 1er single de su segundo álbum "Infectious Stench" que verá la luz...
La veterana banda sueca RIBSPREADER acaba de revelar el arte de la portada, tracklist y 1er single de su 7º álbum "The Van Murders - Part 2", que será lanzado el 6 de Junio por Xtreem...
CARNIFEX (fin) 11.4.2018
La banda finlandesa de Death Metal CARNIFEX, no esa banda americana de horrible Deathcore de moda, ver´s todas sus demos del '91 al '93 oficialmente re-editadas en CD a través de Xtreem Music bajo el...
La banda brasileña de Black/Thrash GOAT WORSHIP, formada por un sólo miembro, está lista para lanzar su 2º álbum completo "Shore of the Dead" el próximo mes de Abril a través de Xtreem...
Los legendarios Deathmetaleros de Florica KILLING ADDICTION están a punto de ver su clásico álbum debut "Omega Factor" re-editado el próximo 9 de Marzo a través de Xtreem Music. Fue también un 9 de...