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VORKREIST - Sabbathical Flesh Possession
Título: Sabbathical Flesh Possession
CAT. #: XM 010 CD
Formato: CD [36:49]
Estilo: Old School Satanic Death/Black
Edición: 09.2003
01. Open The Gates Of Flesh
02. Dead And Devoted
03. Purified In Hellfire
04. Tread On The Cross
05. At The Side Of The Beast
06. Sabbathical Flesh Possession
07. Thorntorment The Impaled
08. Infernal Communion
09. Iconophobia
10. Dawn Of Terror
Desde las más profunda oscuridad de París (Francia) llega VORKREIST ofreciendo sus impíos ritos satánicos en forma de su primer álbum titulado “Sabbathical Flesh Possession”.

Con un sonido crudo y áspero, éste trabajo capta a la perfección, la esencia de la vieja escuela donde se entremezcla el brutal y salvaje Death Metal de bandas como DIABOLIC, ANGEL CORPSE y MORBID ANGEL, con el agresivo y holocáustico Black Metal de los primeros álbums de IMPALED NAZARENE, IMMORTAL y BESTIAL WARLUST.

Otra banda más que se une a las más oscuras y blasfemas hordas de la escena francesa como ARKHON INFAUSTUS y ANTAEUS.
Metal Observer Webzine (ger) 27.03.2004
This super evil quintet comes from Paris and obviously, the devil himself gave them the mission to record a grim and blasphemic infamous Death meets Black Metal album. 1999 founded, VORKREIST delivered until now a 4-track demo with the title “Sermons Of Impurity”, countless live gigs and now we have their debut available. The French seem to dislike some more exactly categorizations as they easily use Death as well as Black Metal elements.

On one hand, „Sabbathical Flesh Possession“ contains all signs of a purebred Death Metal album and so the low growls and the decently gloomy guitar riffs are appearing, on the other side there are also some pretty cold Black Metal shrieks and typical Black guitar passages in the music of VORKREIST. They seem to be rightly placed geographically, because they feel fine somewhere between American brutal Death combos like ANGEL CORPSE or MORBID ANGEL and northern evil guys like early IMMORTAL or also MARDUK. But VORKREIST won’t have it easy in a genre, which is full packed with first-class bands, because their sound isn’t really earthshaking. Maybe it’s also because of the slightly blurry but also rough production, which could also have been a bit more pressuring. Rightly a similar brutal band like BELPHEGOR showed what is possible sound wise with their newest record “Lucifer Incestus” without losing any brutality or demonic obsession.

With a bit more sense for the production, „Dead And Devoted“, „At The Side Of The Beast“ or „Dawn Of Terror“ would be quite better and more pressuring and they could have easily competed with their big competition. So it’s “only” a good debut of a band, which should improve their production on the next release to not fall back behind their genre mates.
Alex E. [7/10]
Rockezine Webzine (hol) 10.01.2004
From the deepest darkness of Paris comes Vorkreist, offering their impious satanic rites in form of their debut album entitled Sabbathical Flesh Possession. That should be promising. They blend the brutal and savage death metal of bands like Diabolic, Angel Corpse and Morbid Angel, with the aggressive and holocaustic black metal of the early works of Impaled Nazarene, Immortal and Bestial Warlust. Well, this should be one of the best cd’s this year if it was up to Vorkreist’s label Xtreemmusic.

Although this cd is without a doubt extreme, grim, harsh and all those terms used for this kind of bands, I think it lacks the atmosphere aforementioned bands make so great.

Big problem is the fact that the production is not so good. Too much bass, which makes the sound messy at times. But despite this fact, there is actually a lot of good riffing going on, on songs like “Tread On The Cross”, “Infernal Communion” and “Dawn Of Terror”. I don’t think this cd will have the same impact as Altars Of Madness, or Battles In The North, but altogether Vorkreist deliver us a cd they can be proud of. Maybe next time a better production should bring them further.
Roelof [7/10]
Metal Storm Webzine (est) 16.12.2003
After their first demo “Sermon Of Impurity”, the French Death/Black metal band Vorkreist come with their first album “Sabbathical Flesh Possession” to show us all the rage, the wickedness and the brutality they can do. Through the Spanish label Xtreem, this young band with this first album could be a leader of the French brutal scene.

I will be honest quickly, another time this album is a brutal production, then well if you want a lot of originality, well… maybe you could try another band and cd…
Because yes, this album is a really good one, but in its own style, [maybe it’s just a problem with me] but we can find a lot of more interesting bands everywhere. This is the big problem with that kind of music.
But on the other hand, “Sabbathical Flesh Possession” gives a big kick in your ass. Because Vorkreist do a good job on this album and in their own style, these guys are very good.
The music is very aggressive, come from the deepest pit of their imagination and through this album, they succeed to do a real good and promising production. The 10 tracks of this album are good well composed [even if a lot of time it’s not very technical], the musicians are correct and at the end “Sabbathical Flesh Possession” could be a very good surprise in the French brutal scene of 2003.
The only problem could come from the sound because this is not very nice. Then I know, they want to do “old school” music with noisy sound but for my part, I just think that is a shame because the songs and the music lose a lot of good parts due to this bad sound. But there are some lovers of this sound then…

At the end I will recommend this young band to all the purist of brutal music, I ‘m sure that this “Sabbathical Flesh Possession” will be a very good album for you. For all the others who are not into this style of metal, well maybe you will find something better elsewhere.
Vorkreist is a promising brutal metal young band; I just hope that they will do a lot of efforts to be more original in the future.
Jeff [7.5/10]
Raw Nerve Promotions (uk) 10.12.2003
I have quickly become a fan of the Xtreem label after it has supplied me with some high quality death and black metal from all over the world.
As the ambient intro "Open the gates of flesh" clanks and whirls away, I sense something very big from French Band Vorkreist, and as the opening deathly riffs, growls and drum battery ravage my weary head, I am justified in my hopes for this album.
Sonically and comparitively I am hearing Decapitated, Iniquity, Immolation, Kataklysm and with occasional black metal hints, mainly in the demonic rasps in the vocals and the occasional higher end chord progressions harking to Dark Throne, Satyricon and earlier Marduk.
There are some good riffs going on though, notably in "Purified in Hellfire", with some lovely sounding chords, squeels, stabs and the deep and high vocals combination throughout compliment this excellent song well.
As things progress, the songs rage a little more and the intensity climbs, "At the side of the beast" is one of the pacey songs, "Sabbathical Flesh Possession" is one of the heaviest, especially in the brooding intro. "Iconophobia" is a stormer. The opening riffs will have death heads rolling in joy, touches of Malevolent Creation and Swedish black metal gods Dawn, with Norse style gargled vocals. A great combination.
Bit of a killer album this one, certainly worth a big look.
Paul Raw Nerve
Rottrevore Webzine (indo) 01.12.2003
This is vicious sadistic hellish death metal from France with a raw and grim sound in the vein of Angel Corpse and Incantation. ' Sabbathical Flesh Possession ' is intense, apocalyptic and uncompromising full lenght out through Xtreem Music, this is a monument of true barbaric metal, destructive and soul ripping. My ears won't accepted for old school Death Metal for long time until I found this band and I realize that tracks like ' Tread On The Cross' and ' At The Side Of The Beast ' are fuckin' shreds.
ferly [9/10]
MetalReview.com (usa) 15.11.2003
In French Black/Death Metal, Antaeus and Akron Infaustus have made a decent name for themselves right? Well let me tell you in a clever movie based analogy about Frances newest, sickest offering, and they are called Vorkreist. Antaeus is to Vorkreist as Bruce Banner is to the Hulk. Bombarded with X rays (or whatever the hell happened to ol Bruce), Vorkreist is a raging monster of anger, aggression and total non restraint. A behemoth of utter destruction that makes Antaeus look hamster like in comparison. So what makes Vorkreist so sickening? Is it their slick mix of black metal (think early Immortal or Impaled Nazarene) meets head on with US death metal (Diabolic, Immolation spring to mind)? Is it their gnarly production that almost renders the album a certified sonic hazard? Is it the sheer ferocity of their delivery? Read on.

Now don’t get me wrong this album has some serious flaws and isn’t going to garner much praise for its originality or deft song writing, but the combination of the above factors make for an often painful, yet absorbing listen. Scathing, screeching black metal delivered with a caustic guitar tone is laced with brutally raw death metal rumblings and bruising slowdowns. But hidden amid the absolute carnage, there is some surprising clarity to the structure, it’s just dusted over with the shrapnel and rubble of their explosive outer visage.

First, the production is one of those love or or hate it deals. On a good stereo with the bass turned up, this will sound like shit, as Vorkreist went for the raw yet bottom heavy, distortion laden sounds, that makes the drums sound like a continual earthquake (Think a Black Metal Mortician). The guitars are blisteringly abrasive, with that old school raw buzz, but with an acidic distorted edge. The entire sound is pretty harsh and to some may sound pretty poor, especially the chaotic blastbeats, as they are almost rendered unlistenable, but personally I thought the acidic tone was fitting for their merciless assault, and a welcome break from the AbyssBernoMorrisoundTicoVox sound that’s so common now.

Song wise, ‘Sabbathical Flesh Possession’ is your typically clichéd satanic lyrical affair with ample blastbeats and ferocious whirlwind riffs delivered with throwback abandon and rasped vocals. But the injection of some solid deep death metal growls and lumbering segments make this sound very American, with tangible links to bands like Council of the Fallen and Aurora Borealis, but with a distinct layer of grime and offal removing any US style polish. The whole album plays like a single spine melting session, as single songs meld into a long torturous experience, with little respite with only a few moments breaking the stranglehold.

The title track has an utterly maiming opening riff that in conjunction with the offensive production results in a pretty impressive few moments. Then on “Iconophobia”, expect some pretty experimental atmospherics that allow some burgeoning melodies to peek through the savagery. On the whole, most of the songs race by with typical lack of pace, but the odd injection of slower death metal marching create some nice parity, and again with their chosen sound makes for some teeth rattling moments.

I have a feeling ‘Sabbathical Flesh Possession’ is going to be a love/hate album for most. Yeah, the songs aren’t exactly memorable, but after a few listens, you can ascertain some very understated control and harmonies buried in the inhospitable mix (“Tread on the Cross”, “Dawn of Terror”, ”Infernal Communion”), and the sheer velocity, vehemence and chaos the album oozes makes it more impressive than concise, delicate yet predictable song craft. The production may be the deal breaker for most though, as initially it perturbed me, but once I got used to it and uncovered some corrosive riffs and monstrous death metal parleys, it grew on me. Listening to this album is like the adrenalin junkies that do extreme sports; you know it isn’t good for you, but it’s painfully addictive. With a savage mix of all the above, Vorkreist, along with criminally underappreciated 7th Nemesis, are about to bring French extremity to new levels.
Eric Thomas [4.5/6]
MetalShtorm Webzine (aus) 01.11.2003
Awesome name and great logo and artwork for this band playing black/death in the style of ANGELCORPSE meets FOREST OF IMPALED. When done right this blend of styles carries an excellent mood and VORKREIST cover all the bases. Heavy harsh aggression plus esoteric black metal riffing equals fun in my pants. They're at their best when they play FAST, and nearly lose me on one slower track which is like something off MORBID ANGEL's 'BLESSED ARE THE SICK' in terms of songwriting (yawn.) Great shit, I would love to hear a follow up where they quit trying to be interesting and go the speed-for-speed's sake, like an intelligent black metal KRISIUN and MARDUK's finer moments. SATAN! Apparently a vinyl LP version will be out on Sombre Records.
Voices From The Darkside Webzine (ger) 01.10.2003
After a demo in 2001 called “Sermons Of Impurity“, VORKREIST from Paris now release their debut album “Sabbathical Flesh Possession“. VORKREIST unleash a straight assault of old-school Satanic Death/ Black Metal, inspired by the likes of MORBID ANGEL, ANGEL CORPSE, IMPALED NAZARENE, early IMMORTAL etc., free from any experiments as female vocals or keyboards. They deal with all the typical trademarks of the genre but they do it off the beaten track. All of the nine songs are on a high level of composition but unfortunately the production turns out to be rather dull, which on one hand takes away some energy but on the other adds a raw and grim appeal. Anyway, worshippers of old-school Satanic Death/ Black Metal and the aforementioned bands will definitely find another strong record for their collection with this release, so check it out, on www.evilness.com/vorkreist you can find a few mp3 files from the album and one from the demo.
Christoph Göbel
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