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PAGANIZER - Murder Death Kill
Título: Murder Death Kill
CAT. #: XM 006 CD
Formato: CD [36:41]
Estilo: Old School Swedish Death Metal
Edición: 04.2003
01. Meateater
02. Mourning Life
03. Bleed Unto Me
04. Shallow Burial
05. Dead Souls
06. Crawl To The Cross
07. Obsessed By Flesh
08. Du Vaknar Som Död
09. Formaldehyde Dreams
Aaaarrrgh!! Hay algún adorador del auténtico Death Metal que no eche de menos los buenos viejos tiempos cuando el Death sueco dominaba la tierra?? Sí, ésos días en los que los primeros GRAVE, CARNAGE, NIHILIST, EDGE OF SANITY, GOD MACABRE y muchos otros, mostraban una inigualable capacidad para crear el más pesado y al mismo tiempo pegadizo Death Metal...

Y quién sería el más idóneo para resucitar ése viejo espíritu si no es otra banda sueca?? Sí, PAGANIZER están aquí, con su 4º opus para mostrarnos que aún es posible recuperar ése sentimiento!! Grabado en los infames Soundlab Studios con Mieszko Talarzcyk de NASUM y masterizado por Dan Swäno, “Murder Death Kill” posee todos los elementos para convertirse en un clásico del Death Metal!! Más rápido y pesado que las mencionadas bandas, esto será, sin ninguna duda, el mejor álbum de Death Metal sueco desde el “Into The Grave” de los míticos GRAVE!!
Succubus Webzine (bra) 15.06.2003
Paganizer was formed in 1998 and became already an important band in the scenery Death world Metal. Murder Death Kill is your fourth CD that is one of the best in my opinion, in this work we heard the true essence of the old school of Death Swedish Metal. The production is excellent, the album was recorded in Soundlab Studios by Mieszko Talarzcyk and masterized for same that Dan Swäno. They are 9 tracks that added they arrive at 36 minutes of purest Old School Swedish Death Metal, when hearing we reminded the good times of Carnage, Dismember, Entombed, Grave, Edge of Sanity among others. We can say that everything in this work is excellent, beginning for the distortion used that it is characteristic of Swedish bands, later we have the riffs of exciting guitars, being completed very well by a battery commanded that it possesses great variations among fast and cadenced parts, and we cannot forget of the vocal ones that are totally old school. The compositions are influenced by the principal elements of true and classic Death Metal. All the music are excellent, it is difficult to choose some, because all especially have your particularity. Highly advisable for the classic Death Metal true lovers.
De Sades [10/10]
MetalReview.com Webzine (usa) 01.06.2003
Not knowing much about Paganizer, I assumed after the initial listen that this band had been around for quite a while judging by the heavy old-school death metal vibes festering off their latest offering, Murder Death Kill. In actuality, the band only put out its first release in 1998, and the oldest member is only 25. These guys seem to have set out to accomplish the same goal as Bloodbath (ironically enough, the album was mastered by the one and only Dan Swanö himself), and that is to create crushing, heavy, and most importantly, brutal old-school death metal. That raises the question though, have they accomplished this task? In my humbled opinion, yes.
Roger Johansson heads up the axe and vokills. Once again, here come the comparisons with Bloodbath. Roger's blood curdling death growls sound very reminiscent to Mikeal Åkerfeldt’s, although Paganizer has been around just as long as Bloodbath, having releases coming out around the same time. Either way, each of them has an awesome voice, and Roger's is perfect for the death style presented on this album. Joining him on the guitars is Andreas "Dea" Carlsson. Sure the riffs aren't the most complex, but the heaviness is applied like a fifty pound barbell to the face. Combined with the drumming of Matthias Fiebig, there are some solid blast beat driven riffs with a lot of mid-paced slaughtering, and of course a few crazy solos.
The production has that very rough feeling that fits the album, with the guitars having a nice tone adding to the heaviness. The vokills sound absolutely chilling and the drums work well with the music.
If you dig old-school Swedish death metal sounding similar to Grave and Bloodbath, then there's not a doubt in my mind that you’ll like this album. I don't think it's quite as strong as Resurrection Through Carnage, but Murder Death Kill puts me in the mood to go for a few laps in the circle pit and slaughter a few innocents while I'm at it, and to me, that's what counts.
Ty [4.5/6]
Musica Webmag (alg) 15.05.2003
Oh… Would you please take care of this review? I mean, I'm feeling sort of helpless. What am I bubbling about? Well, I've reviewed PAGANIZER's former effort quite a while ago, and… "Murder Death Kill" is pretty much similar to "Dead Unburied", although sort of better. Why better? Don't ask me questions like this. I simply do not know. Making a guess, I'd say it's more straightforward and simultaneously better thoughtout. If "Dead Unburied" sounded a bit of incomplete, "Murder Death Kill" DOES NOT sound like that. By the way, aren't you still wondering what the hell this band is all about? The answer couldn't be any simpler: death metal. Or better like this: DEATH FUCKING METAL. The Swedish blend of it. Perhaps the best of a kind… at the moment. Sound execution? Nearly perfect. Musicianship? Good, to say the least. Originality? Almost none. But who cares, if "Murder Death Kill" is one of those death metal albums you'll be listening to over and over again…?
Kai Stalhammar [5.5/6]
Silent Scream Webzine (ita) 10.05.2003
Just give a look at the slogan by which the label promotes the new album of Paganizer to understand who we're dealing with: "the best swedish death metal album since Grave's "Into the Grave"". Or better, there's truly need to go and get out the promotional sheets to understand that an entitled album like "Murder Death Kill" can only contain some raged and brutal death metal? To be accurate, we have to remark that the wide basin Paganizer take from is the primal european death metal, in particular the scandinavian one: and so here we see the appearance of (foreseeable) names like Entombed, Grave, Dismember, Edge of Sanity and mates. Square and heavy riffs, a grumbling bass, a dry square drumkit and a gargling voice: all the patterns of candies and gags that are typical of every band with an unintelligible disgusting monicker is served on the silver dish here. As it always happens in every album with a very limited originality rate, the good success of the album itself depends only and simply by the quality of the songwriting, by the ability of the band to find the right riff, to put the solo at the right moment, to balance the tempo changes: and, to be honest, Paganizer show to have a truly killer intuition. Also thanks to the excellent production of Mieszko Talarzcyk of the as well excellent Nasum (expert in raw powerful sounds) and to the mixing of Dan Swano, the fury of the scandinavian fourpiece explodes straight on the face of the listener leaving several scars, as also the previous "Dead Unburied" did. Probably the best act of that kind after Vomitory.
Fulvio Adile [7/10]
Metalhel Webzine (fin) 10.05.2003
Holy Fuck! I'm speechless. I had never heard Paganizer but now I understand that I should have. People were so excited about Bloodbath's Resurrection through Carnage last year, but let me assure, it's Paganizer who you should be drooling over. Murder Death Kill, band's fourth album, simply dominates.
This Swedish outfit released their first demo tape in 1998 and it seems that from the start Paganizer has concentrated to resurrect the lost art of Swedish Old School Death Metal. And that's what Murder Death Kill is all about: murderous Death/ Thrash Metal! The album takes the best possible start. Meateater don't imitate typical Entombed-stylish DM, but takes its influences from more slower areas, like God Macabre. There is still lots of faster parts and blastbeats (maybe too much), but the core of Murder Death Kill is in thrash-influenced deathriffs, which flows like an ever-flowing stream, if you know what I mean. And when this kind of material is recorded at the Soundlab Studios with Mieszko Talarcyk from Nasum and mastered by Dan Swanö, you can be sure that sounds are rich and dirty.
And when we talk about dirty, singer /guitarist Rogga comes to the picture. This man must be a some kind of Mikael Åkerfeld clone of Death Metal, his voice comes from the deep depths of Hel and leaves you breathless. Also the drummer Fiebig makes good job, reminding me about Grave's old and new material. And I fuckin' love those stop-and-go starts, they are like a big fist breaking your jaw.
I guess that Paganizer sounds too old and worn out to some of you, but in my opinion this genre is too underrated in these days. Okay, Murder Death Kill don't have any hit songs, but HC-influenced Du Vaknar Som Död and crushing Crawl to the Cross (nice guitar solo on this one) are something what differs from this day's Death Metal scene. Prepare to be Murder Death Killed...
Klemi [4/5]
Metal-Rules.com Webmag (usa) 05.05.2003
The old-school Swedish brutally uncompromising Death Metal is raising its ugly head after being buried somewhere for some years… As far as credits for ´reinventing´ this marvelous old-school Swedish Death Metal sound once again are concerned, I think we all should bow in the direction of bands like Murder Squad, Bloodbath, and even Finland´s Chaosbreed for putting the ´old, hate-filled, but never totally forgotten ancient Swedish blood´ flowing once again and very much determinedly for things ´a bit heavier´ than what the over-used Gothenburg´ish both scene and sound have been capable of offering us nowadays. Paganizer´s fourth studio album titled MURDER. KILL. DEATH is reminiscent of the 1st wave of Swedish Death Metal that produced the most brutal and heaviest bands ever to the world of Death Metal. It´s the sound of the elder Swedish Death Metal Gods Nihilist, Carnage, Dismember, Grave, God Macabre and the likes. That sound actually was never forgotten – and as the past times have this relatively strange tendency to come back within some cycles of time, it seems like some of this particular ´utterly heavy, sinister and brutal´ period has already made its first clear efforts to take on the world a little bit once again.
MURDER. DEATH. KILL. throws us all shamelessly a few years back in time; right back to the end of the ´80s/beginning of the ´90s - and particularly back to the Stockholm area, Sweden where many (at that time, still very young metalheads) started to form their own extreme metal bands with a true passion, only trying to maintain the heaviest and most brutal sound that was still yet to be discovered, but was still coming through piece by piece. Pagaziner´s newest album pays homage to that period and it does it really well and in a convincing way. By listening to such hammering songs as “Meateater”, “Mourning Life”, “Shallow Burial” or just any other songs off this absolutely ´ripping-flesh-and-cutting-bones´ album, kind of makes you miss those past times. And since I almost am a ´soulless´ bastard right after spending some quality moments with this album, I assume you could already guess where I have been coming from as far as my past musical likings are concerned.
Murder… Death... and kill. Those three words pretty well sums up the whole content for Paganizer´s new album. Here´s the album that is made of 100% pure old-school Swedish Death Metal. And believe me, this stuff punishes… and damn it hurts and feels so sweet!!
Luxi Lahtinen [4.5/5]
Possessed Webzine (ger) 01.05.2003
I love this old school swedish death style and I think I'm not the only one who still remembers the early Days of Entombed, Grave, Dismember, Carnage, Nihilist, Unleashed etc. Back in that days I when I was a kid, I had my first metal-outfit and my faves were Nihilist. Nowadays death metal is booming again and it seems to me that the sickos from PAGANIZER listened to right the same music as I did, when they were kids. After founding the band in 1998 the guys went straight ahead. The first demo "Stormfire" came out in the same year and in 1999 they already released their Debut "Deathbanger". Their second recording "Promoting total death" followed in 2001. After that one they released their great "Dead unburied" and now they release their newest masterpiece "Murder death kill" through Xtreem Music. And this one really kills. A flood of "sweden-riffs" rolls over me, so that I get a hard one. Just listen to the songs: "Bleed unto me" and "Dead souls", and tell me that you don't like it. I liked the previous album a lot, but this one is still a few steps better. Maybe a bit more brutal than the old bands that I mentioned in the beginning, but that is how I want it to be! The album was produced in the Soundlab studios by Mieszko Talarzcyk (NASUM) and the mastering was done by none other than the legendary DAN SWANÖ! Still questions ? Go, fucking BUY IT!!!
Michael Endem [5/5]
Nekrologium Webzine (swe) 01.04.2003
Paganizer hold high the banner of the original Swedish death metal sound. In other words, this is quite simple music but not without its charms. It remind me a bit of latter day Grave but a lot faster. It’s pretty cool, but not exactly the kind of music that I personally find interesting these days. Strictly for fans of old Grave, Entombed, Dismember etc.
Tony Richter [3/6]
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