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Título: One On Six
CAT. #: XM 009 CD
Formato: CD [36:04]
Estilo: Brutal Deathcore
Edición: 09.2003
01. Intro
02. Forkebabh
03. Sex, Drugs & Basketball
04. Do I Look Well?
05. Happy Pink Town
06. Smells Like Suicide
07. I Hate Teen Visions
08. One On Six
09. I Talk To The Wind
10. This Rose For You
11. Sad Sick World
12. When Satan Plays Disco People Die
Provenientes de Francia (Toulouse), ZUBROWSKA es una nueva y joven banda con la firme intención de aunar los mejores elementos del brutal Death y del Metalcore. Y podemos atestiguar que lo hacen con una acierto poco usual!!

“One On Six” es su primer álbum con 12 temas que combinan la técnica y rapidez de CRYPTOPSY, la alocada complejidad de THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, los pesados y pegadizos riffs de DYING FETUS, los extraños acordes y estructuras de CONVERGE y la improvisada mezcla de CEPHALIC CARNAGE... todo ésto enriquecido con dos dinámicos vocalistas y ayudado por una potente y cristalina producción.

ZUBROWSKA es una de ésas bandas que convence desde su primera escucha gracias a su frescura, brutalidad y técnica, tanto a los amantes del más moderno brutal Death como a los del más corrosivo Metalcore.
Tartarean Desire Webzine (swe) 05.01.2004
The best part of metal music is the fact that many bands / musicians aren’t afraid to incorporate different styles of music. Whether it is Jazz, Hip Hop, Classical, Disco, or any other form of music style. Metal is always evolving. All of those styles are outside the world of metal, while inside the metal world there’s a long list of different genres, which continues to keep metal fresh. Although there are so many bands these days; 95% of what is released has either been done before, or been done before but still played extremely well. With Zubrowska I can honestly (almost) lump them into the 5% that have been unheard before pile. Zubrowska is a new generation of extremist’s. Hailing from Toulouse, France, these demented youngsters blast a combination of metal stylings for their first full-length album "One On Six". A sound that pounds through your speakers, "One On Six" delivers technicality reminiscent of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dying Fetus grinding tempos, and Cephalic Carnage’s ripping vocals and odd timed bass lines. "One On Six" is something that I haven’t heard before. The band consists of two vocalists who at times remind me of Mick Harris' screams from early Napalm Death / Painkiller. The second vocalist can sound sort of like a squealing pig, but that can be over-looked. Mostly death metal growls from these two guys throughout the entire cd. The drummer is impressive. He seems like he could blast out the hardcore grind with some of the best. The riffing is along the same lines as The Dillinger Escape Plan. Technical with fucked up timing. Zubrowska as a whole is a fresh new sound that fucking kills!! That’s why I had them in the No. 2 slot for my best of 2003 list. Brutal!!
Chris Rohde [9/10]
Silent Scream Webzine (ita) 01.01.2004
Truly interesting this work of Zubrowska, little known able band to unite the classic sound violence of American death metal with a hardcore irreverence worthy the early Napalm Death. The album is a mixture of pure frenzy, we can guess it also reading the songs titles (what is “Smells Like Suicide” about?), but even more when the CD starts spinning in the player. Death metal outbursts made of rocking riffs are twisted in very fast chaotic scores of hardcore matrix, on which a screaming singing gets added and alternated with a classic savage growling. The rhythmical section is continuously engaged in tempo changes and improbable bone breaking flights, when it’s not forced to lead straight annihilating attacks. The tracks structure is very disordered and truly anarchist, and trying to follow the musicians evolutions is a hard task to fulfil for the several tempo changes, senseless screams and ever changing riffs. We’re in front of a work that directly comes out from the hazes of time, but in which a twisted and anarchist class succeeded, we don’t know how, to give sense to one of the purest sound messes we can find around. The songs length is very short, and even that contributes in confound the listener who, when thinks to have understood where the song is goin’ to end, is suddenly thrown into its follower! “One On Six” is not a simple album, but it’s truly argued and well built. A valid alternative to bright entertainment!
Giorgio Fogliata [7/10]
Rottrevore Webzine (indo) 01.12.2003
This is a place where brutal death and metal core combined in extreme way, Zubrowska is a new and young band from Toulouse - France. Deliver 12 tracks of most complex piss off music with screams and guttural / vomitous vocals, hammering face drumming sound, fiery metal riffs that sometime come unusual and uneven. The band have all the aggressive element, two different genre has build in one bloody bucket, lead them to the deepest panic depressive insanity. ' One On Six ' is punishing release ever made by Xtreem Music. New world war begin....
Ferly [10/10]
MetalShtorm Webzine (aus) 20.11.2003
Take the last 3 CRYPTOPSY albums, replace the terrible vocals with great deathgrind fare, and mix vigorously with DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and you have ZUBROWSKA. Tastefully done, abrasive, harsh, heavy, well produced, impeccably played mathcore made palatable for deathbangers. It does become a little headache inducing just for the sake of it after a few listens. ZUBROWSKA redeem themselves with one track, which showcases excellent songwriting and some melodic touches while maintaining their frenetic trademark. The result is like the cyclons from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA playing a mutated hybrid of black metal and mathcore from the future in a race against time (see download above.) They've shown they can make you yearn for panadol, now if they would expand on the awesome songwriting they let slip here and there they would be a force to be reckoned with, beating CRYPTOPSY and DEP at their own game. As it stands this disc is perfect when you're in the mood for music that makes you feel like you're being electrocuted, and personally the vocals make this band the most agreeable of this style.
Lost Lament Webzine (uk) 15.11.2003
Metal Core, as it seems to have been entitled seems to be taking off in a big big way. Why shouldn't it though, it has all the heaviness of metal, the intensity of the extreme scene and of course the emotivness of the hardcore factions. It is also thankfully bereft of a good deal of the bullshit associated with modern day Metal. Enter Zubrowska then, a French band with many an issue. To say these guys are angry young men is like saying Sadam Husan is a worried man. From start to finish this band of reprobates unleash a brutal sound that twists and turn amid many a time change and cleverly constructed riff. Obviously very capable musicians the band set out their stall well and have created an intense 36 minutes of music.
No doubt big in their home town, the band are now looking to expand their various horizons with the release of this rather enjoyable album. Its certainly not easy to listen to, but if you turn it up loud and kinda cut loose, its begins to land a large right hook on you and before you realise your well and truly sucker punched into their hateful and angst ridden world.
Metalhel Webzine (fin) 10.11.2003
Here we have an interesting band. Zubrowska come from France and have taken their name from that famous vodka, just adding "s" in it. And I can say that also their music doesn't deal on typical levels.
One on Six is a weird mixture of Death Metal, hard core and modern aggro metal or how you want to say it. Something common with the bands like Slipknot and that kind of stuff. But Zubrowska don't slow down, there isn't any atmospheric in their songs, just pure aggression all the way to the end. The music varies from brutal bursts in the vein of Skinless to very technical pieces, but the most important thing - the flowing of the music - comes along through the album. Unfortunately the songs lack some identity, they just start and end without any choruses etc. The band does good work with their instruments but the band's screamer Ben makes this time the best performance. There isn't much growling in One on Six, so the scream section is in main part and that makes good for this records, it brings a different kind of feeling to these songs.
If you are bored to death about nowadays' alternative metal and need an extra dose of aggression, One on Six is maybe the album for you. But don't expect to get something ultra brutal shit, just something a little bit original stuff.
Klemi [7/10]
Fleshrites Webzine (spa) 05.11.2003
Strange monicker is the one these french use to name themselves as a band. And if I'm honest, with that name I imagined them russian...but musically talking, Zubrowska is one of the newest signings (and now releases) of the spanish based Xtreem Music record label, used to have a wide range of different styling releases, based almost all of them on death metal, but always looking for new ideas, even when some of them can be risky releases.
Zubrowska are based on some kind of brutal death metal, but only of some structures of the songs, having the good touch of being high on hardcore scene, overall on the voices, aggressive as few on metal style, as well as some less ussual rythmns inside monolithic death metal, remembering us the mighty The Dillinger Scape Plan, due their cyclon like twisted melodies-scales, dissonant riffs and chords and ripped but fucking aggressive voicing, as well as bands such as Undertakers (the great italian ones on their last works), Converge, something from Cephalic Carnage or Benümb, but being these last one more grindes.
Summarizing, we have in front a great deadly album, variated, with fresh elements, aggressive, brutal and different of what we are used to listen to. And also, will say that more purest death metal fans, if open a bit their minds can catch a great good surprise with Zubrowska...even when last track "When Satan Play Disco People Die" is for real open minded ones.
JM [9.25/10]
Live4Metal Webzine (usa) 01.11.2003
When Pete handed me this CD he said that I might not enjoy it. While sometimes I have to suffer for the good of the site, there are other times when I enjoy hearing something new. Now the major weak point for Zubrowska for me, is the high-pitched screechy vocals, I have never and shall never like them. They just manage to hit a frequency that I find displeasing and wishing someone would take the mic away from the vocalist. But since these guys have 2, the other manages to fill out the bottom end with the death growls that suit the music far more. It's fast, frantic, full of changes and very technical. It doesn't ever let up, other than in the final track "When Satan Plays Disco People Die" where they start it off with a funky bass groove that's very disco. There aren't many leads, but then it's also not hard to imagine why. The songs are all very concise, get in there, speed-gut you and end before your entrails hit the floor. For these guys that works perfectly. The songs never get a chance to become monotonous or lose your attention, even if they do meld into each other by sheer drum attack. After 36 mins of this the rest of the guys in my office are whining about the music, but I'm happily taping my foot at about quarter time to what's being played. The guitar tunes are also very catchy and sometimes contrast dramatically from everything going on around them by being strangely melodic during the cacophony. In some cases the song titles actually stand out more than the songs themselves, like "Happy Pink Town" and "I Hate Teen Visions", but make no mistake, Xtreem Music are certainly presenting an extreme band here and I'm pretty sure these French chaps shall become rather well known in the circle of their genre.
Voices From The Darkside Webzine (ger) 01.10.2003
On their debut album these French newcomers blend various styles of aggressive music: from Death Metal and Grindcore to Metal- and Noisecore. The complex songs stagger between brutal blasts, Hardcore-typical breakdown orgies, experimental noise-parts and a few Swedish Death Metal melodies. Despite this variety of influences ZUBROWSKA manage to keep their songs dynamic and powerful, thanks to the sophisticated guitar work and the two aggressive vocalists, one screaming, one growling. This whole mixture is controlled chaos, not necessarily catchy at the first time of listening but full of details hidden in a vortex of aggression. Needless to say that fans of old-school Death Metal won't like this release very much but open-minded people who dig more wicked and experimental stuff like MISERY INDEX should definitely give it a try. The band's website www.zubrowska.com is under construction yet but from there you can download two mp3 files and find out if ZUBROWSKA are your pint of beer.
Christoph Göbel
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