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FROZEN DAWN - Those of the Cursed Light
Título: Those of the Cursed Light
CAT. #: XM 143 CD
Formato: CD [53:52]
Estilo: Black/Death
Edición: 04.2014
1. Banished, The Everlasting Confinement
2. Blackened March
3. Those of The Cursed Light
4. Circles of Frostbitten Ice
5. Nocturnal Sacrifice
6. Under Thy Throne
7. The Triumph of God Frost
8. Eternal Frost
9. Kalte Seele
Impresionante 2º álbum de esta banda española que practica un Black/Death lleno de agresividad y memorables melodías con influencias de grupos como NECROPHOBIC, WATAIN, DISSECTION, NAGLFAR...
Wings of Death Webzine (hol) 17.04.2014
Tijdens het afdraaien van Those Of The Cursed Light heb ik meermalen de biografie erbij gepakt om te zien of het echt Spanje is dat de band Frozen Dawn als thuisbasis opgeeft. Dat is een directe bekentenis dat dit tweede album mijn eerste kennismaking is met Frozen Dawn. Waarom gek dat het uit Spanje komt? Eigenlijk gewoon omdat Those Of The Cursed Light op en top Scandinavisch klinkt. En dan ook nog eens met allemaal teksten over dikke sneeuwdekens over uitgestrekte winterse vlakten en andere bevroren dingen. Dat verwachtte ik niet zozeer uit de Mediterraanse hoek.

Wat is daar dan mis mee? Nou, eigenlijk is er helemaal niets mis mee. Gekke vooroordelen blijven soms lang hangen in deze of gene hersenkwab in de bovenkamer. Zou Miles Davis ongeloofwaardig zijn om de glorie van Spanje muzikaal te vangen in zijn Sketches Of Spain terwijl hij zelf helegaar niet uit Spanje komt? Ik dacht van niet. Deze heren (en een dame) bezingen de glorie van de het Koude Noorden omdat dat nu eenmaal indruk maakt op de melancholisch gestemde ziel. Net zoals Davis ooit in vervoering gebracht werd door het Spaanse temperament.

Het rip-off gevaar ligt wel op de loer zo leert de ervaring wel eens. Toch presteert Frozen Dawn het om een deftig tribuut neer te zetten dat weliswaar schatplichtig is aan illustere namen als Dissection, (oude) Satyricon en (oude) Watain, maar nooit een één op één kopie is. De band combineert lustig traditionele black metal met melodieuze death metal zodat er een catchy geheel ontstaat dat boordevol ijzige mystiek zit.

Frozen Dawn hoeft niet gezien te worden als een pionier. Het is een band die wat leven schept in de melodieuzere kant van het black metal-spectrum. Het is prijzenswaardig dat dat niet hand in hand gaat met overdadige bombast en productionele krachtpatserij. Het is naast het aanstekelijke spel vooral de treffende sfeer die overtuigt. Those Of The Cursed Light is een uitstekend album voor liefhebbers door liefhebbers.
Voices From the Darkside Webzine (ger) 16.04.2014
FROZEN DAWN is a Black Metal horde from Madrid and they are already active since 2006. They now present their second full length via Xtreem Music, who had no other choice than signing these guys after hearing the new material. "Those Of The Cursed Light" presents itself touched by the hand of melodic Scandinavian Death / Black. The album title and the artwork already reveals their nearness to bands like DISSECTION, MÖRK GRYNING, NAGLFAR and older MARDUK, with slight notes of Norwegian Black Metal in their guitars. The guitars run very fast, accompanied by fast drumming and pounding double bass and the harsh screamed vocals of vocalist Grinder. The presented nine tracks are very varying and well instrumentated, with a strong and powerful production, reminding of good old Abyss productions. Especially the lead guitars of guitarist Lord Morgoth are heavily influenced by good old Heavy Metal mixed with the freezing melodies of melodic Black Metal played by DISSECTION or MARDUK on "Those Of The Unlight". The tracks anyway sound unique and the band managed to write some really memorable songs like the opening track 'Banished - The Everlasting Confinement', with its blood freezing guitars or their own small band hymn 'Circles Of Frostbitten Ice', a real killer track, which also easily could have fitted on a lot of the classic 90s albums. Nevertheless their interpretation of this style really sounds modern and fresh instead of trying to sound too old school. Also a special gimmick for a Spanish band is their closing track 'Kalte Seele', presented in the German language. For me, FROZEN DAWN is a really great sounding band and if you are into melodic Death / Black Metal, this band is really worth checking out. The blackend march into eternal frost has only just begun.
Michael Kujawska
iyezine.com (ita) 16.04.2014
La constatazione che della scena black metal spagnola non è che, in fondo, si sappia un granché, può trovare ragionevolmente una spiegazione nel fatto che si tratta di un movimento piuttosto ridotto a livello numerico, se non altro mettendolo a confronto con quelli delle altre grandi nazioni mediterranee.

I madrileni Frozen Dawn, però, ci mettono del loro per colmare tale lacuna presentandoci questo secondo lavoro su lunga distanza a base di un black stilisticamente definibile old schoool, ma sicuramente dotato di un groove e di un impatto melodico in grado di distinguerlo dall’essere una bieca riproposizione dei “bui” tempi che furono.
Del resto qui, piuttosto che Mayhem, Emperor od Immortal, troviamo atmosfere più vicine al versante svedese del genere, Necrophobic, Naglfar e anche Dark Funeral, in primis, ma resta il fatto che l’album si regge ampiamente sulle proprie gambe grazie a brani efficaci, memorizzabili, ottimamente eseguiti e dallo sviluppo armonico sempre ben presente. Molto di più, quindi, rispetto al canonico palla lunga e pedalare di matrice black’n’roll, Those of the Cursed Light vive anche di variazioni sul tema ed ampie fughe chitarristiche eseguite con gusto classico e capaci di marchiare a fuoco ogni singolo brano.

Lo screaming robusto di Grinder è appropriato e non infastidisce mentre il resto della band si esibisce con una certa precisione supportando il prezioso lavoro della chitarra solista, che trova la propria sublimazione in brani quali Blackened March, la title-track, la magnifica Nocturnal Sacrifice, l’altrettanto coinvolgente The Triumph of God Frost e la conclusiva e dal sentore epico, Kalte Seele, cantata in tedesco.

Una cinquantina di minuti del tutto privi di momenti di stanca e convincenti su tutta la linea costituiscono l’ampio viatico per una promozione a pieni voti nei confronti dei Frozen Dawn, i quali ci dimostrano una volta di più che si può suonare dell’ottimo black metal anche in paesi che evocano immagini di spiagge assolate piuttosto che quelle di sterminate ed innevate foreste.
Stefano Cavanna [8/10]
Metal Temple Webzine (gre) 15.04.2014
There are many ailments that Black Metal bands on the rise may suffer from, be it terrible sound quality, repetitive and bland songs or just a plain lack of imagination when confronted with the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t double edge of conforming to or breaking away from the well-tried Black Metal template.

When Spain’s FROZEN DAWN released their debut album in 2011, “The Old Prophecy Of Winterland”, they showed great promise in being able to handle this predicament in a most admirable way as they balanced the sounds of old and new Black Metal while, when appropriate, implementing Death Metal and melody into their music – all the while keeping the sound quality on an usually high level for a band in their position. Now, 3 years later, they’re back with “Those of the Cursed Light”, and it’s no longer a promise, but a fact: FROZEN DAWN is the ultimate Black Metal band to keep an eye out for in the coming years.

The album starts off with a slow and creepy intro, lasting only long enough to grab your attention before it turns into an all-out assault as the band gets blasting on every cylinder. Fans of old school Scandinavian Black Metal will immediately feel at home with the guitar-lead cold and haunting sound they’ve so excellently adopted from Black Metal legends like IMMORTAL and EMPEROR. But unlike so many other bands that simply try to mimic this sound, FROZEN DAWN has genuinely managed to adopt it as their own, the mind comes to Sweden’s WATAIN back on their first album, and they show that time and time again throughout the album as they drill one hauntingly vicious melody after another into our heads that are so well-conceived that could have been part of the mighty DISSECTION’s masterpiece album “Storm of the Light’s Bane”.

And just like these titans, FROZEN DAWN displays several times over the course of “Those of the Cursed Light” that rare ability to play a form of Black Metal that need not to rely (solely) on sheer brutality, but freely uses melody and even the occasional slowdown to enhance and diversify their music. This makes the entire album feel both coherent and alive, and it gives each song its own flavor, resulting in a kind of album that is enjoyable (I don’t think I’ve ever used that word in correlation with Black Metal before) to listen to form beginning to end, then on repeat a few times for good measure, and it gives it a sense of longevity as the changing melodies and tempos keep the interest high and makes every song memorable.

And though there is reason to note that the band never strays from their origins or tries to do something new with the sound, there really isn’t that much to complain about “Those of the Cursed Light”; every song is worth its weight, the sound and it’s quality is excellent (especially considering the genre) and the entire album incorporates everything that you’d want from an old-school, pure-blooded Black Metal album. And as such it’s a grand success.
Julius "Dreadheart" Mikkela [8/10]
Dead Rhetoric Webzine (usa) 06.04.2014
Ever notice how many black metal albums have that dark blue color to them? Dissection’s Storm of the Light’s Bane, Emperor’s In the Nightside Eclipse, Sacramentum’s Far Away From the Sun, and Immortal’s At the Heart of Winter immediately spring to mind. Necessitating the feel of icy, cold black metal, that blue cover has been synonymous with some of the best in the genre. If it isn’t apparent from the cover, Frozen Dawn apes that particular style and plays it with the best of them.

Upon listening to Frozen Dawn, many of the afore-mentioned bands come to mind. Their icy mix of black/death metal feels right at home with what was coming out in the mid-‘90s with that distinct Swedish crunch and melodic edge (though the band actually hails from Spain). Not the sweet and sugary melodies mind you, but those triumphant crushing melodies that would even put a grin on the Dark Lord’s face. Even the production is fitting, with a cold clarity that even spotlights the bass once in a while (“Kalte Steele,” “Eternal Frost”). Black metal for one, is in need of more bass.

Though rooted in a familiar sound, the execution is commendable. The razor-sharp riffs of songs like “Under Thy Throne” are hard not to get excited about. The cold atmosphere and thundering melodies laced into the title track and “The Triumph of God Frost” will certainly take you back through a number of journeys with this album. Interestingly, the lyrics/music is somewhat conceptual, basing around “Winterland,” a land that is permanently immersed into winter, where forces of nature do battle.

Sure, you’ve heard it before but Those of the Cursed Light makes the case for if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. If you have a longing for more cold, melodic black metal “the way they used to make it” you’ll love Frozen Dawn.
Kyle McGinn [7.5/10]
Rockenportada.com (spa) 03.04.2014
Ya está en la calle el nuevo disco de una de las bandas maestras dentro del black metal patrio, Frozen Dawn, el segundo en su carrera desde que se creara en 2006. Tras varios cambios de formación han sabido ganarse una buena reputación, desarrollando la temática de la tierra helada y el invierno eterno en un mundo desolado, con sus raíces en bandas de los 90 de black metal de Noruega y Suecia como Satyricon, Dissection, Dark Throne, Dark Fortress, Watain o Necrophobic.

“Those of the Cursed Light” fue grabado en los Wintermoon Cult Studios, y mezclado y masterizado por Raúl Casarrubios. Una espectacular portada lo acompaña plasmando el frío y lo sobrenatural que nos encontramos en el interior. A cargo de ella está Gragoth (Luciferum War Graphic).

Comenzamos con esa temática y la guitarra en “Banished-The Everlasting Confinement”, y pronto empieza la máquina a funcionar con un perfecto sonido con sello de vieja escuela que hará las delicias de los amantes del black metal.

“Blackened March” cuenta con la colaboración del ex guitarrista de Necrophobic, Martin Halfdan, que aporta un toque especial a este ya de por sí espectacular corte.

Más pesado comienza el tema que da título al disco, aunque pronto vuelve el sello propio con una guitarra que pone los pelos de punta. Impresionante.

Llegan “Circles of Frostbitten Ice” y “Nocturnal Sacrifice”, este último un trallazo de más de 7 minutos que cada vez que reproduce el estribillo abre las puertas de las profundidades heladas de su mundo propio.

Y tal como los engranajes de un reloj, van conectando los temas de manera que cada uno nos sorprende tras el anterior: “Under Thy Throne”, “The Triumph of God Frost” y “Eternal Frost”.

Y termina con “Kalte Seele”, que comienza con el bajo para dar entrada a toda la banda. El tema está cantado en alemán, idioma que le aporta la fuerza necesaria para ofrecernos un buen final.

Muy buen disco de black metal éste de Frozen Dawn, donde han sabido plasmar el sonido antiguo de las bandas icónicas de los 90 dentro de su estilo. No defraudará a nadie.
Josete y Sonia [9/10]
Wonderbox Metal Webzine (uk) 02.04.2014
Frozen Dawn are a Spanish Black Metal band with a penchant for all things Swedish.

The band are influenced by bands such as Watain, Naglfar and Dissection, and as such the guitars are scything and icy, with the vocals as sharp as a barb and a solid rhythmic underpinning.

Frozen Dawn have a good grasp of melodics and the tunes melt through the hands like thawing snow.

A lot of these songs are surprisingly catchy; tracks like Blackened March have infections guitar riffs and Blackened grooves to die for. This is a theme repeated throughout the 53 minutes of this enjoyable album.

The band ably create the atmosphere of a Blackened winter’s day, with ice crystals as far as the horizon.

A good album, and recommended. Give them a listen.
Metal Bleeding Corp Webzine (indo) 25.03.2014
This Album was indeed very memorable, because we hear so many structure and tempo are very harmoniously, besides the quality of the tremolo picking rhythms are very harmonic and wondrous. Heard the strains of melodic that they play , also provides many shades of darkness and gloom, rage and contemplation of the soul with maintaining the stability of their concentrations play more nuanced of black rhythms and impressive. The second full length Album from 'Frozen dawn', titled ' Those of the Cursed Light ' has nine songs including a song titled ' Kalte Seele' which we thought was a Germany-speaking lyrics.

'Those of the Cursed Light ' is an abum that really have harmonic tones, touches the soul with darkness concept that they preach, the structure and tempo from rhythms that they played, very deep and very spiritual. If we hear the melodic strains and Tremolo picking that they play, This album as leadeth our souls to ponder the gloom of nature conditions in the world today.

The Harmonious of Black Riffs and frozen characters from the black shades being played started in a song titled ' Banished, the Everlasting Confinement '. This song direct gives deep vibration from stringed tones when heard at the beginning of the rhythm in this song, and offset by a splendour from the tremolo picking tones that they play. This song is very touching the soul and ' Frozen dawn ' lead us straight into a gate from a contemplation of the soul that is chained from the bleakness of the world's Natural Conditions right now.

We stopped briefly at a rhythm that we think the most dismal on the second track entitled 'Blackened March' . This song is very clear and we think represent the entire character or black concept from this album. Really Impressive. Followed by the tittle album that became the third song and also complement our meditation about the conditions of the world right now. This song also has the catchy impression when hearing the rhythms being played, but nonetheless we are getting a very magnificent black shades and strong in this song.

After hearing the strains of darkness from three previous song. The dark vibe is getting threatening us when we hear the melody strains, which beginning the song titled ' Circles of Frostbitten Ice '. This song is very atmospheric black metal songs and the best of the best of this album. A little similar to the previous concept, we again provided with melodic tones which is fused with the whole concept of blackmetal on a song called ' Nocturnal Sacrifice '.

The power of a black sense they do in this album is very obvious and easily perceived when they play a tremolo picking in virtually every early tone in every song that they play and made us keep digging and curious with the overall rhythm that they play. And again they prove in a song titled ' Under Thy Throne '.We can only say that this album actually played very timeless black rhythms, melodic tones from the purity of blackmetal fixed we get in this album, in addition, the concept of darkness that they offer really feels and very touching. But you have to know, that you should explore the rhythm by rhythm that they play, and it will surely bring you and accompany you into the black shades that we think is a brillian vision from them. The song titled ' The Triumph of God Frost ' obviously gives it all. We highly appreciate and feel the touch of black rhythm that they play in this song, everything is very solid and dark.

A little different in set the tempo , this time, in the last two songs titled 'Eternal Frost ' and ' Kalte Seele '. These Songs are provide a concept of very brilliant atmospheric blackmetal and magnificent. We think these songs are the most two impressive song for us. All rhythm that they played mainly in song titled 'kalte seele', totally played the soul rhythms from very impressive tremolo picking.
Metal Bleeding Corp
HeavyMetal.About.com (usa) 25.03.2014
Their icy sound might lead you to believe Frozen Dawn are from Scandinavia, but they hail from Madrid, Spain. Those Of The Cursed Light is their second full-length.

Their sound is heavily influenced by Dissection, along with second wave Norwegian bands. They inject plenty of melody alongside the extremity, and slow the tempo down periodically, providing a good amount of variety. It's nothing new or original,but has quality songs and is very well executed.
Chad Bowar [3.5/5]
Cross Fire Webzine (ger) 25.03.2014
Frozen Dawn ist eine Black Metalband aus Spanien, die 2006 gegründet wurde. Zwei Singles, eine EP und zwei Alben gibt es von dieser Horde bisher. Der Albumtitel erinnert wohl nicht zufällig an die Schweden von Marduk, denn der gesamte Sound des Albums ist doch sehr schwedisch geprägt. Es gibt richtig geilen, dünn aber gut produzierten Black Metal zu hören. Sofort kommen Vergleiche zu Dissection, Necrophobic, Mörk Gryning oder Netherbird auf. Es gibt hohes Tempo, viele schnelle Gitarrenmelodieläufe und fiesen kehligen Kreischgesang. Das Songwriting ist gut, die Songs gut instrumentiert und nicht selten zwischen fünf und sieben Minuten lang, und die Produktion klar und gut. Die Spanier sorgen für viel Abwechslung, ohne sich jedoch irgendwelchen Trends anzubiedern oder gar „untrue“ zu werden. „Those Of The Cursed Light“ ist tatsächlich sehr musikalisch ausgefallen, obwohl ihre Art von nordischem Black Metal trotzdem immer boshaft klingt. Wer denkt, dass man in Spanien nur Sonne abbekommt und ein fröhlicher Mensch sein muss, muss hier feststellen, dass dem nicht so ist. Hier stimmt einfach alles! Wer auf den guten alten Schweden Sound steht und Dissection nach dem Ableben ihres Sängers vermisst, hat hier wirklich den perfekten Ersatz gefunden. Killer!
Daniel Müller [9/10]
Two Guys Metal Review Webzine (fra) 23.03.2014
Frozen Dawn, now that is a band name worthy of true sons of the north. Their unique brand of hard hitting and honest black metal is frostbitten to the extreme, capturing the roaring magic of the genre. As you fall into the blizzard that is their new record Those of the Cursed Light you start to realize, black metal is a lifestyle and it will capture your heart in a way few other genres can. The unholy shrieks that embody the Frozen Dawn sound are to die for and showcase the fact that true black metal will never die. Prepare yourselves brethren, the unholy winter is upon us!

At first, you wonder how this band could have gotten such a honed sound, then you realize they've been around since good old 2006. Suddenly these Spaniards (Yes, Frozen Dawn is from Spain) ability to rip out some of the most powerful black metal tunes of the decade becomes more justified. See, Those of the Cursed Light is a very mature record and clearly made by a group of experienced and extremely dedicated black metal musicians. Everything about this record screams black metal from the cover, to the song titles, to the very music within. It creates a sort of immersive metal masterpiece with soundscapes that are impossible to escape from.

Burbling and twisted, Those of the Cursed Light gets at the central magic and message of black metal. It gets the listener engaged and encourages them to think. As I sit here listening to Those of the Cursed Light for the umpteenth time I find that there is something magical in this music. That years of work and toil have built into something magnificently bleak and evil. This may very well be the most frostbitten record of the year, and all I can say now is gather the snow around you, we may freeze to death, but at least we will all die together.
Matt Baggins
A Different Shade of Black Metal 'Zine (india) 22.03.2014
Frozen Dawn are a band from Spain that plays a melodic form of black/death metal and this is a review of their 2014 album "Those of the Cursed Light" which was released by Xtreem Music.

The album starts out with the sounds of wind along with acoustic guitars before going into a fast and melodic black metal direction as well as adding in blast beats and then the grim vocals start to kick in and the band also brings in a mixture of mid paced and fast parts and the guitars and vocals are also by death metal.

When we get more into the album solos and leads are added into the music and all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them and the band go back to the 90's Swedish melodic black metal sound while also having a more modern feeling to it and at times you can hear elements of thrash metal in the recording, as the album progresses clean sections are added into certain sections of the recording.

With this album Frozen Dawn go back to the 90's melodic Swedish black metal sound while also being heavily influenced by death metal and newer Satyricon to create their own sound as well as updating the genre a bit.

Song lyrics cover darkness and winter themes, while the production has a very strong, powerful, heavy and professional sound where you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this recording.

In my opinion Frozen Dawn are a very great sounding melodic black/death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this recording. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Blackened March" "Nocturnal Sacrifice" "The Triumph Of God Frost" and "Eternal Frost"
OccultBlackMetal [8/10]
Heavy Metal Tribune Webzine (sin) 21.03.2014
It has been three years since Spanish black metal band Frozen Dawn last dropped their debut album, and this year sees the band return with their latest release under Xtreem Music, Those of the Cursed Light. With their debut album gaining largely positive reviews, along with my curiosity of Spanish black metal (being already well-acquainted with death metal from the region with Dave Rotten and his various projects), it curious to see what their black metal scene have to offer. Furthermore, with the climate of Frozen Dawn‘s Madrid origins, it leaves one to wonder what their interpretation of winterland in their music would end up sounding like.

And the result is quite good actually, with the band displaying their intimate knowledge of the genre. With the furious trem-picking of guitarist Lord Morgoth and Grinder right from the start of the album, one is quickly thrown into the vast winter lands that bands such as Mayhem and Darkthrone have conjured in their classics like De Mysteriis and Transilvanian Hunger. The chilling vocals of Grinder also helps in bringing about the harshness that one would expect from such a gruelling soundscape and atmosphere that is created by the band. That slight pagan/folkish sound that the band includes at times on the album even brings about some comparison to bands like Taake, with the slight black and roll moments on Blackened March also bringing in some slight Satyricon sounds.

At the same time, the sound of Frozen Dawn also nods towards the melodic style of Swedish bands, especially Watain, Dissection and Necrophobic. For instance, the title track of the album could have easily fit into later Watain works with the epic soundscape that is created, especially in the measured drumming of Arjan, who prevents himself from being overly aggressive and spoiling the mood that the band has created.

But the band’s influences do not simply end there, as they attempt to include some respite amidst the hostility with the inclusion of milder moments, most evident on the slower tracks on the album such as Eternal Frost, where the lead guitars of Lord Morgoth bring in some warmth to balance off the coldness that the band has been summoning thus far.
Hongrui [3/5]
Xtreem Music (spa) 28.02.2014
Desde luego, uno se cansa de ver como el panorama nacional está lleno de muy buenas bandas y sin embargo continuamos en el país donde “la pescadilla se muerde la cola” en este circulo vicioso que en muchas ocasiones no deja rebasar nuestras fronteras y proyectar la música de estas bandas de vista a Europa. FROZEN DAWN es un claro ejemplo de como hacer un Black Metal majestuoso, agresivo pero con grandes melodías y crueles graznidos. Este nuevo “Those Of The Cursed Light” de los madrileños vuelve a ser un claro ejemplo de compromiso, de como hacer las cosas mejor que bien y si cabe, de como demostrar a algunas de esas bandas tan “True” que no tienen nada que envidiar, ni musicalmente, ni en producción, pues a pesar de ser el primer álbum que escucho de este grupo, tengo que destacar el brillo y la nitidez de su sonido, un sonido envidiable, un sonido que muchos esperábamos desde hace tiempo en las bandas de Black Metal.

¿Que puedo decir de este trabajo? Que muy bueno, en todos los sentidos, cada canción tiene su propia magia negra, envolvente y terriblemente adictiva, desde la primera a la ultima de sus canciones, temas que podrían convertirse en auténticos himnos de la escena, bajo mi punto de vista. De hecho, en esta ocasión, ni siquiera me atrevo a comparar a FROZEN DAWN con “fulanito” o con “menganito” creo que es una banda que termina de ganarse el derecho a decir que suenan a ellos mismos, es así de simple y así de sencillo, solo basta una primera escucha para saber que después vendrá una segunda y una tercera. Es de esos discos que puedes llegar a clasificar como autentica “obra maestra del genero Black Metal” pero eso si y diciendo con bastante orgullo, de firma nacional.

El disco se abre con “Banished, The Everlasting Confinement“, comenzando con una tormenta como atmosfera inicial y segando cabezas variando baterías a toda velocidad con medios tiempos y oscuros riffs de guitarra. Una clara muestra de por donde van a ir los tiros durante el resto del álbum.

“Blackenned March” tiene ritmos mas pausados y algunos toques mas depresivos y oscuros, también cambiando la velocidad con los medios tiempos, una canción ideal para comprobar lo desgarrador de su voz y toda la agonía que de ella procede.

“Those of The Cursed Light“, comienza con una gran y oscura melodía de guitarra, como si de un himno funerario se tratara donde posiblemente se pueda percibir algún pequeño toque Doom para dar paso a guitarras galopantes y una estructura que progresa de menos a mas velocidad, donde cada uno de los miembros demuestra sus verdaderas habilidades y si hablamos del frenético final, podemos comprobar como han puesto “la guinda al pastel”

“Circles of Frostbitten Ice“, sigue hablando de oscuridad, iniciando el tema con una melodía limpia de guitarra que mas adelante se mezclará con otras muy diferentes, agresividad en forma de distorsión de guitarra con buenos ritmos de Black Metal.

“Nocturnal Sacrifice“, es una canción tremenda, me recuerda mucho a bandas de la talla de DARK FORTRESS, por poner algún claro ejemplo que se me pasa por la cabeza, pero jugando mucho mas con melodías de manera general y con esa misma oscuridad del resto de sus temas.

“Under Thy Throne“, tiene ritmos y riffs de guitarra tremendamente adictivos, es de esas canciones que cuyo riff principal bebe incluso un poco del Thrash Metal, pero eso si, totalmente ennegrecido hasta la medula.

“The Triumph of God Frost“, lleva un desgarrador grito para comenzar el tema con la mayor de las agonías y oscuridad, un tema directo y sin tapujos, con algunas partes pausadas de guitarra y batería para continuar después con un mayor énfasis y si a esto le sumas el tremendo cambio que la canción nos trae algo después de la mitad con esa marcha funebre, te encontrarás ante uno de los temas mas variados de todo el disco.

“Eternal Frost“, es lento, es pausado, es oscuro y es depresivo, sencillamente genial, también con algún aderezo de Doom Metal de aires funerales.

“Kalte Seele” es el tema que cierra el disco, también muy variado, canción perfecta para finalizar la gran obra maestra que han conseguido los madrileños, con un nivel sónico y técnico envidiable.

En resumidas cuentas, toda una joyita de Black Metal de esas que no puede faltar en tu estantería, una banda nacional que sabe sonar internacional, con un sonido y una producción envidiable teniendo en cuenta la clase de producciones sucias que se encuentran dentro del Black, que siempre gustarán a los mas puristas pero que en mi opinión necesitaba esa renovación de brillo donde todo instrumento pudiera percibirse a la perfección como a sido el caso de este nuevo trabajo de FROZEN DAWN. Si al disco le añades que lleva una portada increíble, cargada de muchísimos detalles, tienes el disco perfecto de Black Metal para iniciar el año, que viene de la mano de Xtreem Music, para mas deleite si cabe. A disfrutarlo.
Necrotik [9/10]
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