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Título: Dark Crusade'
CAT. #: XM 014 CD
Formato: CD [32:25]
Estilo: Grind/Death
Edición: 03.2004
01. Centerfold Redemption
02. Dead Again
03. A Kandarian Odyssey
04. Carrion Caresses
05. Self Portrait Of Hatred
06. 1756
07. Terminate My Battery
08. Embrace The Vicious
09. Meat
10. Philosophy Of The Elite
11. Entrusted With Disgust
12. Now Below
13. He Sells Agony
14. Eternal Solitude Forbidden
15. Global Bastardisation
16. Hour Of The Dog
Irlanda?? Acaso hay alguna banda de Metal extremo en la isla verde?? Si, y de la más alta calidad!! Todavía te consideras un fan del Metal extremo y aún no has oído hablar de ABADDON INCARNATE?? En serio??

“Dark Crusade” es ya el tercer álbum completo de ésta veterana banda formada en 1991 y muestra su trabajo más maduro hasta la fecha. Una implacable aunque pegadiza mezcla de Grindcore de la vieja escuela en la línea de NAPALM DEATH y TERRORIZER, con un Grind más moderno a lo NASUM/REGURGITATE y salpicado con unas dosis de buenísimo Death Metal... todo ésto grabado y producido por Mieszko (NASUM) en los Soundlab Studios de suecia. Y para redondear el trabajo, el genial diseño de Björn de Killustrations.com, hace de éste álbum de 16 temas, uno de los mejores trabajos de Grind/Death para el 2004!!
Rottrevore Webzine (indo) 10.07.2004
Both old school and new modern grindcore is always work and acceptable for me, so Abaddon Incarnate is like standing between those time, their also add lethal doses of crushing death meta. "Dark Crusade" is a new killer album, another global bastardisation after "Nadir" under Sentinel Records which was quickly helps their name out and receipt a tremendous positive feedback, now with Xtreem Music on their side for this new 16 blistering tracks, they will get more great responses. Mainly Abaddon Incarnate is Ireland's Brutal Truth meet Napalm Death meet Inhumate with Extreme Noise Terror on the vocals, there's lot of relentless grinding and killer parts, it's perfect elements to make chaos in the pit with most hateful, dramatic and super extreme recording that goes far beyond anything they're done before. Check out by yourself...
Ferly Jasad [8/10]
The Metal Observer Webmag (ger) 01.07.2004
ABADDON INCARNATE proved to the world that they had the ability to compete with the big boys of Grind with their previous effort "Nadir". Now, after a period of line-up instability, they have returned with a new album on a new label to silence any critics they may have had. With "Dark Crusade" these Irish grind masters have returned with another monster of an album, but this time round there has been numerous changes in the direction of their sound.
The direction seems to have had a bit of a reversal from the feverish grinding tones on "Nadir" to a more Death Metal approach, earlier found on their debut album "The Last Supper". However the time spent playing short, brutal and direct grinding tunes has had an effect on the band and therefore "Dark Crusade" is full of short, brutal and rapid fire Death Metal tunes.
The overall sound of the album is very sharp and brutal and the material is a nice hybrid of their previous Death and Grind styles. There is some crusty influences heard at times that have been given a Death Metal makeover with some heavier early EXTREME NOISE TERROR moments coming out quite clear in the midst of everything else. In general though there also appears to be a strong influence from NAPALM DEATH (old and new) and BRUTAL TRUTH making this a very enjoyable listen.
The musicianship and songsmanship are certainly of a high enough standard to be considered as one of the better bands of this style around at the present moment. With a lot of emphasis being but on the riff the band really uses a lot of dynamics within the obviously restrictive grind genre to create short but powerful and, above all, interesting songs. The flow of the album is nicely aggressive and, because of the numerous breaks and the variation in their high standard of riff work, rewarding to the end. "A Kandarian Odyssey", "1756" and "Hour of the Dog" offer some of the more interesting cuts on the album and when combined with the ferocity of opener "Centrefold Redemption" and the likes then you have a nicely rounded album with enough hooks, good riffage and variation to provide any grinding Metaller with another fine addition to any collection.
Instrumentally the guitars are solid and I have already spoken about the quality of the riffing, but it is partially because of the nice beefy Death Metal tinge to the production that allows the clarity of the riffs to shine through. It is in the drum work that the band have really improved however as their new skinsman is already showing himself to be more talented than his predecessor, an obvious asset then that will allow the band to expand upon and improve themselves around with future releases.
The general sound however does come across a little too much like many other Death/Grind bands which leaves this lacking a little something to make it rise above the masses. I fail to see anyone with an interest in the genre being disappointed with "Dark Crusade" and this Irish band certainly is able to compete with the best of them and that is unfortunately the problem. Indeed this album is a fine and completely enjoyable listening experience for me, a fan of the genre, yet this album still falls short of being one NEEDED by a fan. It competes as I said, yet just fails to reach the top.
Niall [8/10]
Vampire Magazine (hol) 01.06.2004
Besides leprechauns, big pints of beer, a crock a’ gold, four leaf cloavers, the blarney stone, the strolling hills and the IRA there’s something else that Ireland is (in)famous for… the vein slashing-gut wrenching- eye poppin’-eardrum tearing grind-lunatics from Abaddon Incarnate. Yup, after their debut “The Last Supper” on Seasons Of Mist and a second album “Nadir” on Sentinel Records they’re back with their third album “Dark Crusade”, out on Xtreem music. You these guys are quite the label hoppers, heheh. For me, Abaddon Incarnate are the musical translators of words such as vile, vicious, dark and ominous as well as violence, imminent, aggression and the phrase stop at nothing (all relating to grindcore), ‘cause, this grinding machine obliterates everything that dares to come near. Low-tuned destroying grindcore with a sort of depressive undertone and references to Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Nasum, Rotten Sound, Cumchrist and so on as well as slight traces of violent death metal is Abaddon Incarnate’s game. This is an aggression frenzy that grabs you and won’t let you go. The drive behind “Dark Crusade” is immense with an overwhelming wall of violence that falls on top of you. The fast grind blasts that dominate the album, are alternated by more old school up-speed paces and the song “Philosophy Of The Elite” for instance is entirely mid-paced. Though 93% of this album is at throat slashing speed I can’t say it all sounds the same but rather varied. Lots of riffing going on, and the drummer also proves to have the skills with lots of alterations in speed and the cool breaks he creates, all played as tight as it should be. Abaddon also includes some very cool things like the double high-pitched vocals and grunts, thundering bass parts, uncanny in- or outro’s and more of this. The production on “Dark Crusade” is done very well. It’s crystal clear on one side but o so brutal, powerful and razor sharp on the other and this adds a little extra to the album. Yeah, the 16 tracks on Abaddon Incarnate’s “Dark Crusade” (with “hour Of The Dog” as the longest track, lasting 4:55) turned out to be one hell of a fucking cruel grindcore record that can be considered mandatory for all grinders out there! Violence at its best, fantastic!
Antitrend Magazine (cze) 15.05.2004
Despite being an old stubborn deatmetal fan and not feasting on grind core stuff, I am really very impressed by this sick piece from these Irish freaks! This is an uncompromising blasting inferno, with vocal reminding me of the first shit of cult death/grind machine BRUTAL TRUTH. I can't get off this perception. Monotonous passages are what is bad with the grindcore bands, but this band is able to make it different and diverse, that's what I appreciate. It is full of energy and spontaneity which is attacking you from start to finish, unbelievable! I'd like to see 'em live! There is no downside to this CD. While I was hearing to it for the first time, I was lumberjacking and during the hit song "1756" I almost threw the axe out and started to grind the wood with my own teeth!! My neighbors wanted to call to mental hospital! Haha. The doctor banned on the listening just this disc, but I fucked him off coz I love this CD!! Immediately get this killing shit!!!
Monika Mokra
Walls Of Fire Webzine (ger) 10.05.2004
Ireland’s probably most brutal minds are back - Abaddon Incarnate have just unleashed their third full-length death/grind attack (after “The Last Supper” [1999] and “Nadir” [2001])! A band with an over 13-year-long history (formed in 1991as Bereaved, changed name to Abaddon Incarnate in 1994) can be expected to deliver mature and high-quality work, and they positively do. The current line-up of Bill Whelan (guitars and vocals), Steve (guitars and vocals), Cory Sloan (bass) and Jason (drums) has packed 16 songs in just a little over half an hour - and what songs they are! Produced by Mieszko (Nasum) at the Swedish Soundlab Studio, these are 16 cut-throat bursts of the most aggressively brutal kind, keeping a perfect balance between tight death metal and devastating grind. One of the greatest advantages are the vocals - lead by some of the deepest and strongest death metal grunts in the world and supported by an evil black metal scream every now and then. Another plus is the massive and clear sound, and, although the music is nothing crucially innovative, there are actually no minuses to mention. This is nothing but sheer extremity - Abaddon Incarnate have once again confirmed their good reputation in the scene, and fans of the genre should by no means miss this album!
Deni [9/10]
Blast! Magazine (pol) 01.05.2004
Right from the green Ireland come this guys with their third album, the first for Xtreemmusic. They play a mixture of grindcore and death metal with very good results. The production was done in Sweden at Soundlab Studios by Mieszko of Nasum which can be told by the great sound of the album. It sounds very tight and powerful with blasting drums and a huge guitar sound playing mean riffs at super speed but mantaining a small amount of melody which doesn't make it boring. The vocals are, of course, deep and agressive but at least you can understand the words which is not usual in this type of bands and that gives them some plus points. The album is formed by 16 short songs as you can expect in the vein of old Napalm Death, Terrorizer or the newest Nasum. With their last album they did a mini-European tour and they also visited Australia so i hope they come down here again soon to deliver on stage the power showed on this album. Fans of Grind and Brutal Death sould definetly not miss it.
Juan Pablo Agudelo [8/10]
Atmospheriz Webzine (pol) 11.03.2004
Ale ja do tej pory nie wiem, czym moi koledzy się tak tu zachwycają... Ja tu, kurwa, nie widzę ani morderczych szpil riffów wbijających mi się w plecy, ani też nikt tu ze mnie nie wyprówa flaków. Dla mnie o wiele brutalniejszym zespołem jest chociażby EPITOME, ale i tak daleki byłbym od lania krwawej wody na karty tego zina, żeby tylko było zajebiście brutalnie, kultowo i żeby mi się po recenzji walały kawałki jakiegoś dzikiego mięsa... Niestety, ale ABADDON INCARNATE mimo, że pochodzi z Irlandii i mimo, że gra naprawdę zajebisty kawałek brutal death grindu - co potwierdzi każdy maniak tego gatunku metalu - nadal będzie jednym z wielu nic nie wyróżniającym się, dla mnie oczywiście, zespołem lubiącym łojenie. I mimo tego, że muzyka zawarta na „Dark Crusade” jest najwyższych lotów, jest dopracowana i dopieszczona (to mało cool słowo jak na grind :-)) pod wieloma względami i właśnie dla tego, że zespół jest porównywany do wielu tuzów grind metalu dla mnie ta muza przeminie zaraz po tym, jak wyjmę płytę z odtwarzacza. Muzyka, która każdemu kojarzy się z tak wieloma zespołami nie może mieć własnej twarzy. Nie mówię tu o oryginalności, bo tą naprawdę ciężko jest wykreować w death i grind metalu, ale chodzi mi o to, że w tak dobrej technicznie muzyce nie widzę nic, co by mnie zmusiło do ponownego sięgnięcia po ten album. Pewnie wielu z Was się teraz ze mną nie zgodzi i dobrze. Ja tylko wyłuszczyłem swoją opinię na temat tej płyty, a czy ktoś się nią zasugeruje to już jego sprawa. Materiał ten na 100% spodoba się tym, którzy są zachwyceni grindem, ale ludzi, którzy w metalu szukają czegoś więcej niż tylko masakry dźwiękowej „Dark Crusade” raczej nie zatrzyma przy sobie na dłużej. Materiał ten jest już trzecią z kolej płytą Irlandczyków. Pierwszy krążek wydali pod szyldem Seasons Of Mist Rec. w 1999 roku, a zwał się on „The Last Super”. Następna płyta „Nadir” ukazała się nakładem Sentinel Rec. w roku 2001, nagrana w szwedzkim Soundlab Studios. „;Dark Crusade” powstało także w tym samym studio dwa lata później i zawiera 16 utworów (32 minuty). Warto jeszcze wspomnieć, iż Irlandczycy posiadają w swoim składzie dwóch wokalistów i to może być niejaką ciekawostką, choć dla mnie nie jest to też nic rewawlacyjnego.
Paweł [4.5/6]
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