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HUMAN MINCER - Devoured Flesh
Título: Devoured Flesh
CAT. #: XM 025 CD
Formato: CD [27:05]
Estilo: Brutal Death Metal
Edición: 01.2005
01. Exterminated Illusions
02. Light Of Evil
03. Reposes On Blood
04. Eternal Ways Of Devil
05. Devoured Flesh
06. Nest Of Hate
07. Ghost Of The Past
08. Dirty Remembrances
Tras su exitoso álbum debut que les puso a la cabeza, no sólo de la escena de brutal Death española, sino también europea, HUMAN MINCER retorna con un segundo álbum que aplasta a su debut en todos los aspectos!

“Devoured Flesh” ve a la banda crecer con una técnica instrumental increíblemente mejorada con especial énfasis en su gran batería!! 8 temas con una excelente producción grabados en los VRS Studios (AVULSED, WORMED, MISTWEAVER...) y con una excelente portada.

Este álbum sin duda destrozará a todos los fans del brutal Death americano en la línea de SUFFOCATION, GORGASM, DISGORGE (usa)...
The Metal Observer Webmag (ger) 23.08.2005
Xtreem Music seem to have a knack for herding quality, Brutal Death Metal bands into their fold but – at the same time – said bands have problems releasing more than thirty minutes of music at any given time. The latest case-in-point is evidently HUMAN MINCER’s second full-length, entitled “Devoured Flesh.”

Without mincing words too much (bad pun, I know), your attention span doesn’t have to be uncharacteristically sturdy or incapable of waning, because “Devoured Flesh” only runs for twenty-seven minutes then tuckers out. However and this is a crucial “however,” HUMAN MINCER’s capabilities are far from lacklustre. Creative, talented individuals – who can play the hell out of their respective instruments I might add – undoubtedly streamlined the musical performances. Check the grooves at the 2:20 minute mark of opener “Exterminated Illusions” if you need audible proof of my assertions. Carlos’s guttural vocals, as if any other type were in order for Brutal Death Metal, are right at home on opuses such as “Light Of Evil,” “Eternal Ways Of Devil” (missing a word are we?) and the bludgeoning “Nest Of Hate.” The intensity-laden material is blazingly fast and perhaps that’s why the group could only forge eight songs, which last less than half an hour.

To be blunt, if you’re looking for an overwhelming amount of music on this disc, then you’re going to have to search elsewhere. But, if quality is a vice you extol on numerous occasions, then HUMAN MINCER do have that working for them. “Devoured Flesh” is a pleasurable descent into the depths of Brutal Death Metal without being uninteresting in the slightest. It’s simply too damn short, though. In true masochistic fashion, I want more! (Online August 19, 2005)
Jason [8/10]
Vampire-Magazine Webzine (hol) 15.07.2005
This Spanish quartet started out in ’96 and after two demo’s they signed a deal with Xtreem Music and their debut album “Embryonized” was released. Three years after that release Human Mincer is back with their second album “Devoured Flesh” and with little delay this album reached us.
Yeah. The freaks of blunt ‘n brutal US-styled death metal will get satisfaction from this one. Down-tuned, low gurgling and psychotic, all keywords to Human Mincer. Bands such as Suffocation, Severe Torture, Cannibal Corpse and Cryptopsy came to mind while listening to this album. Therefore on one side you could say that the band isn’t setting new boundaries concerning originality while on the other you could say that what they do, they do pretty good. Tight, technical and quite varied the eight tracks on “Devoured flesh” are fired at you. Lotsa breaks and a decent dose of speed changes make this album more than worthy for your ears. The production is good and sounds deep and sick, something that music like this needs. The only sort of ‘complaint’ that I have is that the album lasts under 30 minutes. Rather short, but on the positive side this rules out the fact that the band repeats itself (too much) or that you get bored. So not a very long album, but good clocking for a sick death metal frenzy. “Devoured Flesh” is a very well executed death metal album that death metallers will surely be able to appreciate!
Raw Nerve Promotions Webzine (uk) 21.03.2005
Spanish band Human Mincer bring us an album of chunky, high speed death metal to feed our appetites, and this starts off with the ravenous and raw sounding 'Exterminated Illusions', complete with many riff changes, tons of squeals, one of the gravelliest vocals ever and many off kilter moments.

Sonically reminding me of early Cryptopsy in the faster riffs and song construction and of Suffocation in the heavier, slower parts, but as this moves on, it appears that Human Mincer have their very own slant on the sound, and use breaks and rhythms very well.

Stand out songs for me are the title track 'Devoured flesh', starting with its sick, dark ambient intro then kicking off into the most vicious piece of the lot, with tons of battering triplets, cool sounding harmonies and thrash breaks, and also 'Nest of hate' with a lot of huge, plodding, heavy as all hell chugs.

Human Mincer deliver a top album of depth filled, hate drenched death metal.
Paul Raw Nerve
Not Quiet Music Webzine (spa) 12.03.2005
Second full length release of one of the most complex and brutal bands ever raised from spanish underground. We're talking about Human Mincer, the four-piece band from Madrid, that this time with "Devoured Flesh", I think they reached that point desired on previous "Embryonized", and that is: so fucking intense brutal death metal, obscure and twisted, following the line of bands such as Insision and Cryptopsy.

This time, Carlos uses a more deep and guttural voice (more death metal), and not abuses so much of "pig voicing", which is cool for me, hehehehe. Also, David (drummer), makes one of the best works I hear on death metal styles, having tons of details and time changes that gives a bright point to the music and makes them more attractive!.

Sound? So into modern productions with suffocating drumming and aggressive but not so sharpen guitars and a dark but sometimes present bass.

If you like (brutal) death metal in the vein of named bands, I think you will like this work!
JM [8.25/10]
Panzerfaust Magazine (pol) 01.03.2005
Ah, HUMAN MINCER is back… Well, I didn’t like band’s previous album. It was boring and typical, almost annoying with that vomiting vocals and repetitive riffs. So, you can imagine how hard it was to start listen to “Devoured Flesh” with interest he, he. Anyway, let’s give it a try, ok.? So, “Exterminated Illusions” opened this album and… hmm, it’s much better than the previous CD!!! Yeah, HUMAN MINCER keeps the brutality in the music and plays fuckin’ extreme death metal, making the listener to bang the skull. Well, it’s really well played and solid death metal in style of SUFFOCATION, KATAKLYSM, even SINISTER’s “Creative Killings”. OK., you could say that it’s nothing new, just like I was saying about DEFACING few reviews before, but honestly HUMAN MINCER at least keeps all tracks on high level, plays some crushing riffs and avoid to be so repetitive as Chilean band is. I like the tempo changes, fast blast beats and slow, rhythmic parts and vocals, which fortunately are totally different from those on the debut CD. And that’s the best thing HUMAN MINCER improve, since I didn’t like that vomiting / dog barking / pig voice at all. Also the sound is very classic and good, so practically “Devoured Flesh” is perfect and traditional to the bone. Nice piece of brutal death metal for all maniacs there!
Marcin Olczak [70/100]
RockTotal.com (spa) 01.03.2005
HUMAN MINCER son una de las mejores bandas que ha parido este país en muchos años. Sí, puede que no sea una de las mejores formas de empezar una reseña supuestamente objetiva sobre un disco, pero es que no puedo ocultar que son una de mis muchas bandas preferidas. Desde sus primeras demos de pésimo sonido y con una batería un poco sintética, hasta este fabuloso “Devoured Flesh”, he seguido al combo madrileño con muchas ganas e ilusiones puestas en un grupo que o mucho me equivoco o están llamados a ser abanderados del Death Metal español de corte más brutal.

"Embryonized", su anterior disco, me sorprendió bastante, por su sonido y producción notables, pero sobre todo por sus composiciones, que tenían un no-sé-qué que enganchaba y hacía que te pusieras a repetir mentalmente sus riffs y sus ritmos una y otra vez. La voz era un poco deficiente, pero en general era un gran debut que me hacía pensar en un futuro prometedor para esta banda.

Pues bien, creo que no me equivoqué en mis pensamientos, HUMAN MINCER se han convertido en un referente de la escena española, en boca de todos los aficionados al género más extremo del Metal, y entre los no tan extremistas también. La cantera de seguidores del grupo es más que amplia, y sino que se lo digan a Dave Rotten, que cada dos por tres le piden que organice un festival o que metan al grupo de Fuenlabrada en el cartel de algún concierto organizado por Xtreem. Ya no digo en la sala El Grito dónde tocan día sí y día también convirtiéndose en su segunda casa.

¿Y qué nos ofrecen en este nuevo disco?. Una evolución hacia la cumbre. No quiero que mi admiración por el grupo me traicione, pero creo que lo han bordado (aunque se han quedado un poquito cortos en duración). Ya eran técnicos, pero ahora lo son el doble, ya eran pegadizos, pero ahora logran una vez más que no te olvides de sus riffs. Y por fin han encontrado el sonido que necesitaban. Cada miembro del grupo puede demostrar a sus anchas la maestría en sus instrumentos, todos están espléndidos. Miguel nos vuelve a demostrar una vez más esa capacidad de juntar notas imposibles sin perder el ritmo y el toque accesible. Antonio nos muestra un bajo poderoso, con partes de lucimiento propio incluidas en un género en el que el bajo siempre tiende a quedar oculto entre la tela de riffs de la música. Y qué decir de David, una obra de ingeniería en la batería, con cambios de ritmo constantes, ralentizaciones, aceleraciones... en fin una máquina. Pero el que destaca como ninguno es Carlos, que por fin tiene el sonido que necesitaba para enseñarnos su voz brutal, llena de registros.

Las composiciones vuelven a dar en el clavo, combinando tanto la técnica como la accesibilidad. Desde un brutal inicio con "Exterminated Illusions", pasando por los continuos cambios de ritmo de "Light Of Evil", la pesadez y contundencia de "Eternal Ways Of Devil" o de nuevo (y perdonadme la redundancia) la brutal "Ghost Of The Past". Todas brillan con luz propia, llevando la propuesta de HUMAN MINCER a una esfera que no tiene nada que envidiar a cualquier gurú americano del género (léase DISGORGE, DEEDS OF FLESH y demás brutalistas avanzados).

De nuevo han dado en el clavo y si no tienes este disco no sé a qué esperas, serás testigo del crecimiento de una gran banda que merece por derecho propio estar entre los más grandes.
Raul Ureña
Nekrologium Webzine (swe) 28.02.2005
With a second album it is often the case of either a weaker effort, as the debut was the result of several years of composing, or an album where a band have started to find their own sound and begin coming up with more interesting stuff. With Spanish Human Mincer it is fortunately the latter as "Devoured flesh" is a much more mature album than the debut "Embryonized". I liked the debut, but this is, in all aspects, a cut above. It is brutal as fuck, but not just brutal for the sake of being so. It also have structure to it and several cool riffs. Really good stuff.
Tony [4/5]
Metal-March.com (hol) 25.02.2005
Human Mincer, like the name would suggest, are a Death Metal band formed back in 1996 by a group of friends. At first, these Spanish guys had an idea to create a mix between Death and Thrash Metal, but for some reason they decided to go with Brutal Death Metal instead, a style that is often seen in the US Death Metal scene. They actually come recommended to fans of such bands like Suffocation, Gorgasm and Disgorge, so that should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

"Devoured Flesh" is the name of the latest release from this Spanish band, and it's actually their second official full-length album. To be quite honest, a few months ago I wouldn't even consider the possibility of enjoying Brutal Death Metal, but some bands are actually not bad at all, specially when you're pissed off with something, just slip an album of this genre and let the rage flow!
It's probably due to all the albums that I've came acrossed with, for some reason I'm now able to enjoy many other music styles then before, at least look at them from a certain perspective and decide for myself if they are good or just plain noise. But I won't leave it just like that, if I get to review a Brutal Death Metal album that will just sound like trash with all that noise instead of music, if nothing seems to fit together, then rest assured that I'll have no trouble mentioning that, it's what I'm here for. I'd still describe the sound, I'm sure there are still people who would like it, this is just a personal opinion from someone that knows a little something about Metal, but nothing more than an opinion.

Anyway, Human Mincer are not one of those bands. Sure, it's fast, aggressive and brutal as hell, but they still can keep it together. The vocals are strong and deep growls, as expected, and even though I can't figure out one single word, I can notice that he's actually saying them, not like other bands of the same style. Good guitar riffs as well, with some piercing solos made at the same time, they fit in the music well, so no complaints here whatsoever.
As for the best tracks, there were a couple that I feel stand out from all the others. "Reposes On Blood" has a great intro and very cool guitar work done on the background, so this one would probably be my favourite on the album, followed close by the opening track, "Exterminated Illusions".
And that's the end of it, fans of Brutal Death Metal in the vein of the bands I mentioned earlier will definitely like this, as well as will others such as myself, who enjoy Death Metal, but not to the point that it's becomes just a bunch of noise. Solid effort from the Spanish band, not impressive, but definitely interesting.
Crepusculo [8/10]
ShadowsOfDisgust.com (ger) 18.02.2005
Ruim twee jaar na de vorige CD ('Embryonized') is nu de opvolger verschenen en wat vooral opvalt is dat er ten opzichte van de vorige weinig veranderd is. Ik heb die CD er nog eens bijgehaald en zelfs het geluid is nagenoeg hetzelfde. 'Devoured Flesh' blijkt dan ook in dezelfde studio opgenomen te zijn, met een onveranderde line-up. Maar laat dit niet de schijn wekken dat hier iets mis mee is! Integendeel, want ook de vorige was een absolute beul van een CD. Er wordt zware, lompe, snelle en technische death metal gemaakt in de amerikaanse stijl. Acht erg afwisselende nummers met veel verassende wendingen en tempowisselingen worden in een mager half uurtje op je afgeschoten. De eerste 15 seconden van het openingsnummer bevatten als ik het goed geteld heb maar liefst 13 drumritmes en zorgen voor een overdonderende eerste indruk. Zo extreem wordt het niet de hele CD doorgezet maar er wordt wel een beroep op je gedaan als luisteraar. Loodzware riffs afgewisseld met snelle catchy loopjes voorzien van akelig strakke en volgebouwde drums maken dat dit album meerdere luisterbeurten nodig heeft om te bezinken. Het geluid is weer geweldig, iets helderder dan de voorganger met een perfecte balans zodat alles wat er gebeurt (en dat is veel!) goed te volgen is. Met name de drums hebben een mooie klank, en de zanger heeft een karakteristiek stemgeluid wat de band herkenbaar maakt. Er wordt op ontzettend hoog niveau gemusisceerd en alles bij elkaar niets dan lof voor deze Spanjaarden, die geenszins onderdoen voor meer bekende collega's als Wormed of Fermento.
Jona Rovers [86/100]
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