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FUCK OFF - A Different Sacrifice 1987-1988
Band:   FUCK OFF
Title: A Different Sacrifice 1987-1988
CAT. #: XM 114 CD
Format: CD [35:47]
Genre: Thrash Metal
Released: 09.2012
01. No Return
02. Maniac
03. Another Sacrifice
04. Born to Die
05. The Last Flight
06. Blood in the Night
07. Sueño Maldito
08. Awaiting Your Death
09. People in War
10. Fuck Off
Official CD released by the band themselves that includes the songs from the 1st album "Another Sacrifice" ('88) plus their previous 7"EP "Fuck Off" ('87), all recorded back then, but in different takes and with better sound and production. Both recordings were never released on CD before!! Comes with a complete booklet full of photos, flyers, interviews, show posters, liner notes... a true piece in the history of spanish Thrash Metal by their most genuine pioneers!!
Mroczna Strefa Webzine (pol) 31.03.2013
Nazwę to ci Hiszpanie obrali sobie dwadzieścia parę lat temu dość odważną nawet jak chodzi o muzę na wskroś metalową. W tamtym czasie już szokujące było zatytułowanie przez OVERKILL koncertowej epki „Fuck You!”, ale jak by nie patrzeć to była jednak I liga thrash metalu, ale jeszcze nie mainstream. Hiszpański FUCK OFF działał znacznie głębiej w podziemiu, choć w 1987 roku mógł się pochwalić jako jeden z pierwszych thrash metalowych zespołów z tego kraju oficjalnie wydaną płytą. Nie był to band długowieczny, bo w 1990 roku powstał jeszcze jeden album, a potem przepadł, choć muzycy gdzieś tam jeszcze pogrywali. Liderujący grupie gitarzysta i wokalista Pep Casas narobił swego czasu bałaganu, rejestrując nazwę w sądzie, przez co - paradoksalnie - nie przysłużyło się to nikomu. W 2010 roku wpadł na pomysł reaktywowania FUCK OFF, ale do współpracy zgłosił się tylko jeden muzyk ze starego składu, reszta to dużo młodsi muzycy. Od tego czasu nie powstało jednak nic nowego, a więc ponowna prezentacja debiutanckiego albumu (w innym, podobno lepszym od oryginalnego miksie) oraz dwóch bonusów z wydanego w 1988 roku singla ma pewnie za zadanie przetarcie nowych szlaków. Jak znam życie, może być z tym różnie i nie stawiałbym na to, że hiszpański band podbije świat. Wtedy im się nie udało, ale cóż, każdy kraj miał swoich lokalnych bohaterów i pewnie na Półwyspie Iberyjskich należało do nich właśnie FUCK OFF. Grali czysty stylistycznie thrash metal, ale nie do końca zgodzę się z opiniami, że głównie inspirowany amerykańską szkołą z Bay Area. Oczywiście, da się tu wyczuć wczesną METALLIKĘ, równie wczesny MEGADETH czy nawet odrobinę SLAYER’a z „jedynki” albo ANTHRAX i OVERKILL (a to już przecież też nie Bay Area), ale na „A Different Sacrifice” słychać też niemiecką szkołę jazdy i można by tu wymienić poza wielką Trójcą (KREATOR, SODOM, DESTRUCTION) także takie nazwy, jak PROTECTOR, ASSASSIN czy EXUMER. Z tej mikstury wyszedł całkiem niezły materiał, który dorównuje poziomem na przykład naszym tytanom z owego czasu, czyli biorąc pierwsze z brzegu nazwy - EGZEKUTHOR czy QUO VADIS. W jednym numerze (‘Sueno Maldito”) pozwolili sobie na patriotyczny akcent, opatrując go hiszpańskojęzycznym tekstem. Dla większości polskich fanów thrash metalu będzie to z pewnością pierwsze spotkanie z FUCK OFF, więc zainteresowanych odsyłam do tego krążka, by się przekonali, że to pozycja co najmniej interesująca.
Diovis [7/10]
Voices From the Darkside Webzine (ger) 21.03.2013
I still can remember when I got the debut album by Spanish Thrashers FUCK OFF in the late 80s on vinyl. It was always a bit difficult to get hold of records from Spain either due bad distribution of the bands' labels, rather limited quantities or being sold just locally. This Barcelona based outfit was without any doubts one of the pioneers when it comes to a more extreme kind of music from Spain. Along with hordes like LEGION or MURO this squad gave the hungry Thrashers from the Iberian peninsula some delicious stuff to headbang to. The first album "Another Sacrifice" is a well sought vinyl these days and not that easy to find. So it was quite overdue that these recordings were finally banned on CD. As you have probably noticed the album title differs from the original one. That's because the original mastertape is still under copyright so for the re-release another take from the recording sessions had to used for it. Surprisingly (and lucky for us) this other take sounds much heavier and more powerful then the take which was used for the release of "Another Sacrifice" which seemed a little bit too polished in the final mix. The guitars sound much more aggressive and violent here and I ask myself why these recordings haven't been used before as the production is much better. The disc contains eight tracks from "Another Sacrifice" from 1988 (the cover version from SLAYER'S 'Black Magic' was left out here) and the two tunes from their 1987 7" simply titled "Fuck Off". The music is a nice blend of 80s Thrash Metal with some Speed Metal influences. Excellent craftmanship in the guitar department (great leads, sharp riffing) with solid drum work. The vocal performance of frontman Joe is also much better on this release compared to the actual album which seemed to be a little bit without balls. The voice is even stronger on 'Suenos Maldito' the only track sung in Spanish which is a cool and catchy tune. The booklet comes with plenty of photos, interviews and flyers from the good old days and also features liner notes by Pep Casas. Really a nice package and essential for all old school Thrashers who would like to indulge themselves into the Spanish history of Thrash. Tracks like 'Maniac', 'No Return' , 'Born To Die' or 'The Last Flight' deserve to be heard again... very enjoyable, lost gems and timeless. By the way: the band was reformed in 2010 and some new material can be expected soon. So watch out for it!
Michael Oelschlegel
Voices From the Darkside Webzine (ger) 21.03.2013
Dave Rotten, main man behind the Spanish label Xtreem Music, seems to be one of the busiest guys around right now. Once again, he dug out a forgotten band. This time it's Spanish Thrash Metal pioneers FUCK OFF, who released two albums ("Another Sacrifice" and "Hell On Earth") and an untitled 7" in their first period of existence from 1986 to 1990. They reunited in 2010, but haven't released anything new yet. This CD is a compilation of all the songs from their first album "Another Sacrifice", leaving out a cover version of SLAYER's 'Black Magic', and their 7", both released in 1988. On the label page I read, that the versions found here are different from the original releases, alternative takes with a better sound. But they still sound like old school Thrash anyway... FUCK OFF might have had a strong stand in the Spanish scene back then, but the rest of the world hardly recognized them. And it's not hard to understand why. The majority of the songs were too tame and quite a little uninspired, like the whole Thrash scene around that time. Songs like 'No Return' or 'Born To Die' weren't that bad, but they miss the final kick in the face. Just two songs really gained my attention. 'Sueño Maldito' is the only one sung in Spanish language, giving the song its own special character. The single B-side 'Fuck Off', so to say the band anthem, is the only song here that doesn't sound like Bay Area Thrash Metal, but has a touch of NUCLEAR ASSAULT and a punky attitude as well. But two nice songs don't make a great record, and even though the idea is laudable, I fear this record will never be a classic which belongs in every household. Those of you who still listen to bands like ACROPHET or ATROPHY should give them a chance anyway.
Thomas Meyer (swe) 27.01.2013
Ah, what a brilliant name of a band, isen't it? Hm.. I'm not so sure about that, but the music is good anyway. True old-school thrash metal from the old days. I don't know why this band diden't get more attention, 'cus I've never ever heared about them before. It could have something to do with the name though..

Anyhow.. This is a Spanish band, and this CD features their self-titled 7" EP from 1987 and their debut album, "Another Sacrifice", from 1988.

Their music makes me think of bands like ANTHRAX, D.R.I. and maybe EXCITER too. Really good stuff! Worth checking out.
Jimmy Blom (ger) 10.12.2012
FUCK OFF es una banda pionera dentro del Thrash Metal español. Nacidos allá por el 86, solo alcanzaron a editar 2 full lengths ("Another Sacrifice" en el 88 y "Hell On Earth" en el 90) y un 7" titulado "Fuck Off" en el 87 antes de su separación. Posteriormente la banda se reuniría, pero eso ya es otra historia.

Lo que tenemos aquí es un relanzamiento del primer disco "Another Sacrifice" con los dos temas del 7" "Fuck Off" como bonus, pero con algunos retoques y arreglos. En primer lugar se dejó fuera el cover del tema "Black Magic" de SLAYER. Por cuestions de copyright se usaron otras tomas de las grabaciones antiguas y la verdad que hay que decir que suena muy bien! A ver, la grabación original del disco no es mala, pero estas tomas se escuchan mucho mas "thrashy" y más agresivas que las originales. Una excelente mezcla del Thrash de antaño con un poco de Speed Metal. Muy buen trabajo de guitarras con un riffeo muy preciso, sólido trabajo en la batería y la voz de Joe que encaja perfectamente. Cuando escucho temas como "Another Sacrifice", "Maniac" o "No Return" me recuerdan bastante al viejo ANTHRAX. Cortes excelentes, temas totalmente atemporales y que tenían merecida una edición en CD!

Cabe destacar que el disco es acompañado por un masivo booklet lleno de fotos, entrevistas, comentarios, etc... Así que a todos los amantes del Thrash / Speed les digo que deben hacerse de esta copia sin dudarlo un instante. La banda prometió nuevo material, así que a estar atentos. Mientras tanto, este disco sonará muy seguido en casa. Se los aseguro.
Walter A. Kohl (hol) 05.12.2012
Upon first receiving this album to review I was thrown off by the band’s name. These guys must be really angry to use such a vulgar phrase for their band name. Sometimes bands that have outrageous names do it just to make up for their quality of music. In this case I think people should not be turned away due to the band’s name because the music is AWESOME! Fuck Off is a Spanish thrash metal band that formed in the mid-eighties when Thrash was at its peek. Their heavy technical Thrash style reminds me of the New York band Toxik. The riffs are lighting fast and well pieced together. They also sound a bit like Anthrax with the uptempo guitar sections. The singer’s vocal style sounds similar to Joey Belladonna’s too. These guys along with a band called Legion were the two Thrash bands that ruled Spain back in the late eighties. The album “A Different Sacrifice 1987-1988” is a compilation of Fuck Off’s music from 1987-1988. Most of the songs on the album are from their debut full length album “A Different Sacrifice.”

If you are looking for great classic thrash metal then this is the album for you. The first track is a ripping piece of Thrash metal called, “No Return.” The rhythms are fast paced with a melodic thrash appeal in certain parts. Again I hear the Anthrax influence in this song during the vocal parts. The drumming is intense with a great sense for timing. This is real head banging music and the second track keeps the feel from the first track going. Song three “Another Sacrifice” is a long thrash track and has the blue print of early Metallica songs. The intro starts out slow and then the palm muting quick riff comes in. One aspect I high enjoy about this album is the guitar playing. On track number five “The Last Fight,” the guitar intro part is wicked with quick hammer ons and pull offs. The guitarists style is extremely fluid especially during his solos. When he does guitar tapping during the solos on certain songs I am left speechless. I find that people do not give thrash metal guitarists enough credit because I feel this guy could be the next Kirk Hammett if given more recognition. Also, the riffs are solid thrash riffs that are very technical in some areas which tie together to create brilliant overall great songs.

While listening to this compilation I scratch my head wondering why Fuck Off did not become bigger and get any recognition. These guys are just as good as American thrash bands like Exodus, Testament, and Dark Angel. I feel these guys may be like Anvil and were overlooked for some strange reason. Is it the band name? The band name must not prevent people from listening to these guys because the great quality of thrash is definitely worth checking out. I find the lack of recognition for Fuck Off to be very unfortunate and hope that this album gets the word out about one of Spain’s greatest thrash metal bands. A band such as Fuck Off deserves to be signed to major labels and get radio play. The consistency speaks volume and I find that is an element lacking in modern metal music. Maybe like Anvil a fan will create a movie and help give this band the credit they deserve.
Robby Stevens [4/5]
Soil Chronicles Webzine (fra) 22.11.2012
Fondé en 1986, Fuck Off a été l’un des touts premiers groupes de thrash metal, avec Legion, en Espagne, et jouit encore aujourd’hui d’un statut culte dans le genre.

En 1988, ils changent de nom pour s’appeler Destroy, pour finalement revenir à leur nom originel, et sortent leur premier album « Another sacrifice » en 1988, suivi d’un single éponyme la même année. « Hell on Earth » en 1990 sera le dernier album du groupe avant son split.
C’est sans Pep Casas que le groupe se réunira sous un autre nom, Casas étant le propriétaire du nom Fuck Off, mais rien ne sortira sous cette formation.
En 2006, « Hell on Earth » ressort sous la volonté de Casas, sans le consentement des autres membres.

En 2010, Casas tente de reformer le groupe sous le line up de « Another sacrifice » mais seul le chanteur Joe Bolta acceptera le challenge.
Et c’est en 2012 que Xtreem Records sort ce « A different sacrifice 1987-1988 » regroupant le premier album « Another sacrifice » – dans un ordre différent, et sans la reprise « Black magic » de Slayer – avec les deux titres du single « Fuck off » et surtout avec un bien meilleur son que l’édition originale.

En trente-cinq courtes minutes, « A different sacrifice 1987-1988 » revisite un thrash basique tel que les labels en signaient par catalogues entiers à cette époque : si c’est relativement bien foutu, speed, et permet de passer de bons moments, c’est aussi basique au possible et maintes fois entendu et réentendus, mais propose également son lot de très bons brûlots (« Awaiting your death », « Prepare in war », « Maniac », « Another sacrifice », « The last flight » ou « Sueno maldito »)

Tout est irrésistiblement thrash avec son lot de réminiscences typiquement speed metal, rythmiques saccadées, chant aigu, on pense régulièrement à Flotsam And Jetsam époque « No place for disgrace » (« The last flight »), Anthrax période « Fistful of metal » / « Spreading the disease » (« Blood in the night »), aux premiers Metallica ou à Death Angel (« Maniac » aurait pu avoir sa place sur « The ultra violence »), notamment au niveau vocal, toutes proportions gardées.

Les Barcelonais avaient sorti avec ce premier effort un album correct pour l’époque qui n’avait pas à rougir par rapport à de nombreuses formations du même genre.
Vingt-cinq ans après, ça a certes quelque peu vieilli, et le lifting opéré sur l’album est certes correct mais rend malgré tout une copie qui sent le vieux papier, mais peut faire frémir les plus accros des nostalgiques !

Gageons sur un retour de ces pionniers du thrash ibérique avec un album sous le bras de pur speed / thrash old school, et une production actuelle : ça pourrait bien être énorme !
Metalfreak [7/10]
Misantropia Extrema Webzine (por) 10.10.2012
Para quem não sabe, os Fuck Off foram os pioneiros do thrash em Espanha, sendo uma das primeiras bandas locais do estilo a lançar um LP, em 1988. Esse LP chamava-se «A Different Sacrifice» e influenciou toda a cena espanhola na altura e, até certo ponto, agora, com “novas” bandas como os Angelus Apatrida e os Omission, a actual “nova vaga” do estilo. Apesar do guitarrista Pep Casas manter com os restantes elementos (menos o vocalista Joe, que regressou à banda na sua reunião há poucos anos) uma relação de grande conflitualidade no que diz respeito a reencarnações e reedições, o músico reedita agora o álbum de estreia dos Fuck Off, pela primeira vez em formato CD, sem a versão de «Black Magic» dos Slayer que fazia originalmente parte do LP mas com os dois temas do EP homónimo que foi oficialmente lançado em 1989, embora gravado dois anos antes. Trata-se de pura história do thrash europeu e particularmente do espanhol, completo como está com um folheto que contém inúmeras fotos, flyers, entrevistas, posteres de concertos e notas. Em termos estilísticos estamos a falar de puro thrash dos anos 80, com as devidas referências à Bay Area mas também com um condão próprio, de maior “sujidade” sonora, que os Fuck Off acrescentavam à sua abordagem. Uma proposta bem mais válida e genuína do que muitas das bandas retro que por aí andam.
Fernando [4/5]
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